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Hey guys. I just wanted to drop by and mention some new things going on across Wikia. Wikia is currently updating the way Main Pages look and how the pagetitle appears. For Main Pages, we are aiming more towards using images to direct users to categories. For example, see the Main Pages of Last Remnant Wiki and Pokemon Wiki, and note how images are used that take visitors to categories. Also, we are trying to reduce the links on Main Pages as according to Google, Main Pages with less than 100 links perform really good in search results.

Another thing is the pagetitle. Both MediaWiki:Pagetitle-view-mainpage and MediaWiki:Pagetitle should be updated so that they contain "Article - Wiki Name - 3 key words". For example, the Pokemon Wiki's pagetitle is "Article - The Pokemon Wiki - Pokemon, characters, games, and more". Grand Theft Wiki's could be "Article - Grand Theft Wiki, the Grand Theft Auto wiki - Grand Theft Auto characters, weapons, locations, and more". The current pagetitle is not really helping search engine optimization due to the lack of keywords.

So that's basically it. I know the Main Page would be lots of work, so it is up to you, the community, if you want to go through with changing it, though it will probably help drive more traffic to the wiki. You can learn more at The Magic Bullet and by reading Advice:Raising your wiki's Google ranking.--Richardtalk 16:52, 8 May 2009 (UTC)