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In the cutscene at the begining of "To live and die in alderney",Niko asks Phil Bell if he could help him out with something because he needs to find out something about someone. What excactly is Niko reffering to? Also, are the russians that have the coke dealing alliance with the Ancelottis just random russians, or the ones led by Dimitri Rascalov? A-1,02:17,March 11,UTC

When Niko asked Phil for help, he was refering to the search for Darko Brevic. Even though he had United Liberty Paper working the search already, I guess Niko felt that they weren't doing anything for him, seeing as he hadn't been contacted by them in a while. And for your second question, what exactly which Russians are you refering to? Could you possibly refer to a mission where they appear, so I can answer your question?--User:Black Artist 20:25, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

I mean the russians you fight off and kill in "Catch the wave" and "Liquidize the assets. It wouldn't really make sense if these particular russians were the ones being led by Dimitri,so they must be either some unknown 3rd russian mafia or Kenny Petrovic's guys. I don't know, maybe this is all cleared up in "episodes from liberty city". Anyway,thanks for your help. A-1, 01:11, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

Episodes from LC is just the same story in the eyes of an other protagonist, you will see other features but the story won't change.. Dont forget that, the Main reason for Niko to come was to find out who betrayed his bettailon in the Yugoslavian Wars. As you can read, 3 man survived. Niko, Florian and Darko (Clunchyman)

I know "Episodes from Liberty City" revolves around the same events as IV without changing it, and I know why Niko came to Liberty City. I asked who those russians that deal with the Ancelottis and have all that coke are, because its confusing. A-1

Clunchyman, your response doesn't make any sense o_O, seeing as it answered something already did. Anyway A-1, I don't know who these Russian members belong too, they might be random thugs that don't have any affiliation to any known gang in the game. Let me play the game through again until I reach this mission and try to answer your question.--User:Black Artist 23:24, March 15, 2010 (UTC)

Oh, thanks alot, Black Artist. I really appreciate that. I just replayed through the game to get ready for "episodes" and I got to that mini-story-arc with the russians,the Ancelottis, and the coke and I was like "Wait,what?". It doesnt really make sense.Although,it just occured to me that the russians I've been reffering to all along could be part of Ray Bulgarin's drug cartel. User:A-1,08:12,March 16,2010 (UTC)