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[Note: This is both a plea for help, an offer of help and a dire warning] If you have a laptop purchased in the last two years, chances are it has Vista on it. The PC version of GTASA...does not like Windows Vista. Not one bit. Maybe it's just because I have a 64-bit OS and a dual-core processor, but are these things so new? You certainly could have obtained them in 2005 when the game came out. That's only two years prior to Vista. I'd expect most games from the mid-2000s to work on it really. Well, games from the early 1990s work on it. San Andreas's just awful. There's a roughly 50% chance every time you play of your mouse not working. This can be rectified by pausing then restarting the game, but doing this has a roughly 1/3 chance of crashing the game. Or making the mouse not work if it already does. Want to look at the map? Tough, your mouse is broken. Now, this CAN actually be rectified. All I had to do was run SA in compatibility mode for Windows 98/Me and it works fine. Only difference is that the User Files are not located in C:/Users/Public/Public Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files. It's alright, I can live with it, I made a shortcut. Doesn't change the fact that several keys don't work. Shift didn't, until I turned it off then on again. C (for Crouch) still doesn't. In fact I can't make CJ crouch full stop, WHATEVER button I bind it to. I thought maybe it's due to me using a UK layout on a US keyboard (laptop's an import). Plugged in an external UK keyboard, same problem. Gah. Vista does not like San An. Anyone have any solutions to this?

And then there's modding. These days everyone in modding uses SAMI. It's just so much more convenient than having to manually edit gta3.img in Spark (or IMGTool, if you like pain). SAMI requires the .NET Framework, version 2 or something. Reasonable enough, many apps run off it. Yet not many apps actively require that ONE version. I have version 3.5, came preinstalled because this is a newish computer. And SAMI just plain won't work. Demands I use a lower version. Gah!

So...anyone able to help me out with these things?... C-d-rom 12:44, 19 August 2009 (UTC)

I don't have Vista but have you checked out this thread?--Thescarydude 14:51, 19 August 2009 (UTC)
Hah, thanks for that. It's got all the info I found scattered, in one place :P. Didn't turn up for any Google searches I did though, strangely. Ah well.
I managed to fix the crouching thing...well...actually I realised it was because you CAN'T crouch when holding the camera, which I was >_<. SAMI still doesn't work, but I've just started using the GTA Garage thing. It's actually much better, though not as easy to use. Still, that people should have to go through all this clearly shows sloppy coding on R*'s behalf. And if you actually look through the game files...well, they're as sloppy as they come... C-d-rom 22:31, 19 August 2009 (UTC)
I use Vista, but run SA through Steam since my disc broke. It works fine.

Hm, yeah, I imagine the Steam one does work. It's not conducive to modifications though :P. I mean, the actual downgrading to version 1 from 3 is easy, but after that it's a real pain. For one thing it's located far deeper in Program Files, and another thing, Sacky's Limit Adjuster doesn't work, the game just crashes, which pretty much rules out any total conversion mods C-d-rom 10:09, 28 August 2009 (UTC)...