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Hello Myth Hunters from all over the world! Tired of looking for Leatherface and the Big Foot in the forests near Los Santos? Tired of looking for the Ratman in GTA4? Well, that's good, because I got what you were looking for. A new FRESH myth (Or better, a bug) I discovered two days ago on my Ps2. Now I'll give you instructions on what it is and how to duplicate it.

As far as I know this only works with GTA Vice City Stories, and I tested this on my PS2. Note that I've NEVER used any cheat code in the game, so It's impossibile that cheats damaged the game.

Ok, let's begin:

- Load your GTA Vice City Stories savegame on PS2 (If you haven't one already just start a new game) - Go to the docks - Go in front of the pay n spray - Now on your right there is a building, go in front of its walls, near the main door - Now you're in front of the walls - Here's what to do, just jump on those walls.

It's very hard to duplicate this but it's not impossible. Basically, once you've jumped correctly on the wall, Vic will get "Stuck" for a while, and then the picture with the "Welcome to Vice City" thing will suddendly appear. Then after it what happened, you're no longer near the docks! In fact, the first time I discovered this, I was teleported right in the middle of the golf camp! You basically got teleported there! How this happens remains a mystery to me, what I can say is that I tried this various times and I got teleported always in the golf camp except twice, where I got teleported in Washington Beach, very close to the Pay n Spray.

So what are you waiting for? Turn on your PS2 and try if what I told you is real or not. It's hard to duplicate it as I already said but not impossible (note that sometimes Vic instead of being teleported might just fall into the void). In about two weeks (when I get my ps2 back) I will try to record a video of it. Thanks for your attention, have a nice day.