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GTAIV.png This forum topic is about GTA IV and appears in the GTA IV Portal.

For people who haven't played too far in GTAIV, I'd stop reading. For others, you may know two of the most important things in the game: the cursed heroin and the diamonds. If I'm correct, both of these items were seen in the first scene of the game, during the opening credits. You can see a kilo of something being loaded into a black Schafter. I believe this is the heroin. During This Shit's Cursed, Jim tells Johnny that the Heroin they took was brought in on the Platypus by the Triads, so this helps my argument. Many may also remember a cook loading a diamond into some cake batter. During Diamonds in the Rough, a man who resembles this cook is seen talking to Gay Tony and Luis F.L. about the diamonds Johnny is sent to steal. Therefore, two of the most important plot elements in the story are introduced in the first scene of the game. Hell, the heroin is what eventually leads to Niko's revenge on Dimitri and later Pegorino/Roman's death and his revenge on Dimitri. So, I guess Niko was right in what he told Roman after killing Dimitri, "I guess it ends where it began."

Pretty cool plot choice. Thoughts? Comments? Am I incorrect about any of this?

So the timeline of the Horse goes: Triads smuggled the heroin, Triads give the H to the AoD, The Lost Brotherhood steal it, Triads steal it back, Niko/The Mafia steals it, the FIB try to arrest Bell, Niko, and Bell's nephew with the Horse, and the Mafia gives the Russians the heroin. And L.F. Lopez fits in here somewhere. He probably stole the black Schafter. At least it's easier than the diamonds, huh? User:TommygunAl

I think the AoD stole the H, other than that the timeline's right. User:KlebitzFan
The diamonds get smuggled into Liberty City by the cook, the cook sells them to Gay Tony, The Lost steals them for Ray Boccino, Luis Fernando Lopez steals them back in the museum, Gay Tony tries to exchange the diamonds for Gracie Ancellotti, diamonds get thrown in the trash then a hobo picks them up. When did Bulgarin have them as his says? User:Johnny Klebitz
The cook probably stole them from Bulgarin originally. User:TommygunAl
After Dimitri's death, Ray Bulgarin's right-hand man Timur says that they own the heroin and the whole heroin trade in Liberty, unaware that Luis' plan was to take down their "income stream", that being the heroin, which he successfully does at Funland on Firefly Island, kills Timur, and later Bulgarin who attempts to flee Liberty on his private jet, the Blue Ghawar. As for the diamonds, it's said that since there were so many claims of ownership related to the diamonds, Mayor Ochoa decided to let Jerry Kapowitz, the homeless man who found the diamonds, to keep the funds from the sale.