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I find GTA III the GTA that leaves the most unanswered questions. Sure, there's the obvious one of Donald Love's disappearance, but then there are some others (most spotted on the GTAForums):

Was Salvatore Leone really behind the car bomb being planted?

How did Asuka know what time Salvatore would be leaving the club, and who from?

Discuss these questions, add more, etcetera. GeneralGoose 04:39, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Maria (Sal's wife) is a chatterbox bitch, which pissed Sal off and attempted to have Claude in pieces. Not sure how Asuka knew, so that's a mystery.. Donald Love might have fled again, either to Vice City or San Andreas..

As you can see in the mission Last Requests, Maria "accidentally" tell Salvatore that she and Claude were an item, who pissed Salvatore a lot. He now want to get rid of Claude, by planting a bomb in a car and told Claude to pick it up.

Asuka have a lot of informants, some example is Ray Machowski, a corrupt police officer. He provide some informations for Asuka. She may has more informants in Leone Family.

Donald Love have a problem with Columbian Cartel, even his mansion in Cedar Grove was taken over by the cartel. Also, in the mission Decoy, the police are attempt to arrest Oriental Gentleman. Police may found out that Love have related to the oriental gentleman. That may explain why Love suddenly disappear, he may go hiding from the cops. The Hole 05:23, April 17, 2010 (UTC)