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Forums GTA Vehicle Modifications for GTA SA

This is a vehicle modification for GTA San Andreas forum.

Here is a links to upload a mods:

I don't know how to make a vehicle mods.

Anyone can make and upload mods for these vehicles that I suggested:

Cars that I needed

  • Volkswagen Standard Beetle
  • 1986 Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2 Rally car
  • Audi Sport Quattro S1 Group B Rally car
  • Cadillac Cien
  • MG Metro 6R4 Rally car

You must have permission for making and upload a mod. But remember, if you find any bug, fix and update a mod. Once the modification is completed and fixed a bug, upload them on, or

Sorry for my bad English, I'm Malaysian. --Videogamer13 10:03, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

These vehicles modifications that I already downloaded:

  • 1986 Ford RS200 rally car
  • Citroen Xsara rally car
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • 1986 Lancia Delta S4 Rally car
  • BMW M3
1986 Ford RS200 rally car.
--Videogamer13 10:17, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Can anyone make a vehicle mod for 1986 Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2 rally car for GTA SA? --Videogamer13 16:45, September 28, 2010 (UTC)