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If you don't know there are glitches all over the world of GTA SA where you can go through the ground and move under the ground. One of them is at the house you can buy in Vine-wood. You have to go around the side to the pool area. Then move along the wall of the house by the pool. The glitch is in a corner. If your trying to find it for the first time then just move along the wall until you come to a week part in it. Then you will fall through. if you don't have a jet pack then you will fall in place. if you have a motor cycle you will fall off it. CJ will yell and scream like if he was falling off a high ledge. You will "Fall" for maybe thirty seconds or so until you land on the street right by the Vine-wood sign. You will be unharmed but you will be left feeling puzzled. I know I was. Also if you drove a motor cycle into the glitch then you will never see it again after you go through. It disappears without a trace. If you wear a jet-pack and go through the glitch then you can travel along the land underground. That's how i got into Area 69.