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I agree there is no possible way that GTA3 and GTA4 are different worlds. There are too many similarities and connections. Although I've never seen this so talked about appearence of Carl Johnson on a game show I beleive it none the less. In Playboy X's house theres a picture of Madd Dogg on a magazine, one of OG Loc's LP's is in Comrades Bar, The U.L Paper guy has a slight resemblance to Mike Torino and also has that ruthless personality aswell. Could well be the same person.

As for the writing on the wall, to me it doesn't confirm that Carl Johnson is dead. I think it was written when Carl Johnson moved back to San Andreas and his friends wrote 'I'll never forget you xx' because they'd miss him obviously. Maybe Carl Johnson lived in that very apartment complex in Bohan or wherever it's writen prior to moving back to San Andreas.

Still unsure about Claude though.

So I agree, the GTA3 and GTA4 eras in the same world


HarveyH92 17:37, December 8, 2009 (UTC)