Gran'pa We Love You!

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Gran'pa We Love You!
Dr. LaBrat giving Claude Speed instructions.

Dr. LaBrat giving Claude Speed instructions.
Game GTA 2
For Dr. LaBrat
Target Gran'pa
Location SRS Scientist Research Center in Arbo, Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $50,000

Gran'pa We Love You!, also known as Race 'N' Kidnap, is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Scientist leader Dr. LaBrat. The mission is available from the bottom of the two yellow Scientist phones in Arbo of the Residential District.


Claude Speed goes to the SRS Scientists Research Center in Dominatrix, with Dr. LaBrat explaining that The Professor is looking to experiment on some of Rednecks, one of their rivals in the district. The Professor has singled out one person in particular, Gran'pa, an old and blind man who will only come with Claude Speed in his grandsons Pickup. Claude drives to the Opry RV Park and meets Dirk, Gran'pa's grandson, who offers his Pickup to Claude if he can kill three escaped Loonies and return in under four minutes. Claude completes the task and wins Dirk's Pickup. Claude drives over to the Ol' Banjo and sounds the horn, with Gran'pa entering the Pickup. Claude then drives to the Research Center, avoiding the pursuing Rednecks.


Dr. LaBrat: "Hello, THC-303, it's Dr. LaBrat. The Professor wants to experiment on a Redneck and has chosen the one they call Gran'pa. First you need to win their confidence..."

Dr. LaBrat: "Head over to the Opry Car Park and meet with Gran'pa's grandson Dirk. You need his Pickup to kidnap Gran'pa."

(Claude Speed drives to the Opry Car Park)

Dirk: "Hey there, City Boy! You here to race? Anyone who beats mah record fer huntin' down and killin' THREE escaped Loonies wins mah Pickup."

Dirk: "Take your pick from these fine automobiles and the clock will start to tick!"

(Claude Speed enters one of the cars)

Dirk: "Drive fast, City Boy, and you might just get mah Pickup. Don't bother tryin' to get out of that car - the doors are locked shut! Hoo-hah!"

(Claude Speed kills three escaped Loonies and returns to the Opry Car Park)

Dirk: "GodDAMN you are one superfast son-of-a-bitch! I hate to say this but... mah Pickup's all yours, City Boy!"

(Claude Speed enters Dirk's Pickup)

Dr. LaBrat: "Well done, THC-303. Now go to the Ol' Banjo and collect Gran'pa."

(Claude drives to the Ol' Banjo)

Dr. LaBrat: "There's Gran'pa. He's old and blind but he should recognize the sound of Dirk's Pickup... Sound the horn to get his attention."

(Claude Speed sounds the horn)

Gran'pa: "Hey there, young fella! Go easy on that horn! I'm comin'."

(Gran'pa enters the Pickup)

Dr. LaBrat: "Fantastic, THC-303. Bring Gran'pa to the Research Center - in one piece. Do not let the Rednecks catch you."

(Claude Speed drives Gran'pa to the Research Center)

Dr. LaBrat: "Smooth, THC-303. You are a cool operator. Please accept $50,000 with our thanks for all your hard work."


The reward for completing this mission is $50,000.


Gran'pa and Dirk
  • The mission is a reference to the song Grandma, We Love You.
  • The images used for Gran'pa and Dirk are the same as Redneck leader Billy Bob Bean.

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