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Frickie Van Hardenburg's yacht, as seen during multiplayer in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Note the Buzzard helicopter on its rear helipad.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Frickie Van Hardenburg, a prominent African-based criminal, is depicted to own a large, unnamed private yacht. The scale of the ship is similar to that of Colonel Cortez's yacht in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and is also uncontrollable, but the ship only appears twice in the game: During "Sexy Time" or in multiplayer in TBOGT.


In "Sexy Time" or multiplayer, Hardenburg's yacht can be found directly south off the coast of Alderney, Liberty City in GTA IV, pointing the west.

As mentioned, Hardenburg's yacht is comparable to a similarly designed yacht owned by Colonel Cortez, but is far larger and more lavish, boasting an addition deck (level), as well as a helipad in the rear; portions of the upper deck are also furnished with seating tables, as well as a bar on top. While the player can peer into various portions of the ship's interior (which are for most parts empty), there is only one accessible interior - a lounge in the rear, on the same level as the helipad.

During "Sexy Time", Frickie Van Hardenburg is depicted to be presenting the Buzzard attack helicopter to various criminal partners on his yacht. The player is tasked by Yusuf Amir to steal the helicopter from the yacht's helipad and do so while the ship is heavily guarded with armed security. After the player successfully obtains the helicopter, however, Yusuf requests the player destroy the yacht and its occupant using the stolen Buzzard; the attack subsequently damages the ship substantially, sending it sinking into the ocean. Hardenburg is presumed to be killed when the yacht was destroyed or when he was fleeing.

Hardenburg's yacht is also featured during selected multiplayer modes in TBGOT, such as Free Mode, making it an ideal meeting spot for players. Unlike in "Sexy Time", the ship is devoid of NPCs and is indestructible. Players can also find a Buzzard on its helipad.


  • Although the ship appears in multiplayer, it is invisible in replays taken from multiplayer.

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