Isiah Friedlander's Office

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Isiah Friedlander's office
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Dr. Isiah Friedlander talking to Michael De Santa in his office during the mission Franklin and Lamar.
Game GTA V
Type of business Counselling office
Owner(s) Isiah Friedlander
Location(s) Del Perro Beach in Del Perro, Los Santos
Gang affiliation Michael De Santa (patient)
Mission appearance(s) Franklin and Lamar
Reuniting the Family

Isiah Friedlander's Office is an office used by Dr. Isiah Friedlander to talk to his patients. The office is located in the Bertolt Beach House on the beach front in Del Perro, Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V. Michael visits the office during the mission Franklin and Lamar, talking about his past as a bank robber and continuing anger issues. The player can choose to return to the office on a number of occasions throughout the Grand Theft Auto V storyline. Michael also takes his wife Amanda, daughter Tracey and son Jimmy to the office for a family session during Reuniting the Family in an attempt to get them to return home. Towards the end of GTA V's storyline, Michael can visit the office for the final time and is given the option to kill Dr. Friedlander.