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The following is a script of the mission It's War in The Lost and Damned.


Dave: They was mad but, see, there was only two of them.

Billy: Were mad, Dave. Were. Not was. You should know that. No, you'd a been okay, because you are a...

Dave: Because I am a lawyer.

Billy: Yes. And during the week, you cover up those nice, gnarly tattoos with a grey flannel suit and make a nice, steady income.

Dave: Oh man, Tom Stubbs would love hanging out with you boys. He may be a politician, he may be a politician, but he ain't no square.

Billy: Smoke, Dave?

Dave: Oh, hell yes.

(Billy hands Dave a bong and lights it. He then starts laughing when Dave smokes)

Billy: I put some mescaline in with the weed, Dave, so I'd be very careful if I were you. You could be tripping for days.

Dave: I can handle it.

Billy: Oh yeah, I fucking love you, man.

(Johnny walks up to Billy and Dave)

Billy: Johnny - look at this guy - this is Dave - Dave Grossman - by day, top lawyer at Shysters, by night, a knight of the road - battling the very corporate forces he represents - say, Dave, are you a bi-sexual?

Dave: Very funny.

Billy: I didn't think so, I guessed you just like cock. Jonathon - bong hit?

Johnny: No. Hey Dave, forgive me, man - would you fuck off for a second - I got to talk to Billy. Please Dave. Up, Dave.

Billy: You look serious.

Johnny: What's next, man? A documentary team in here? You going to write your autobiography or something?

Billy: He's cool - he's a lawyer - he can help us with shit.

Johnny: He looks like an asshole.

Billy: And right now I think he's tripping his face off...

Johnny: Whatever

Billy: Look dude, you and me, shit seems kind of tense lately, doesn't it? It's kind of lame. Have I offended you in some way?

Johnny: No.

Billy: Then what do you say we put all this shit behind us? And have some fun? Because life is pain, brother. And through this life, through this brotherhood, we can give the pain the finger.

Jim: Yeah fuck the pain!

Johnny: Yeah, yeah, you're right man. Fuck it.

(Billy looks at his phone)

Billy: Yeah, yeah, are you fucking kidding me? Where? Alright all of you, let's go! Let's go. Our boys are getting jumped.


Billy: Follow me to the brothers.


Billy: The Deadbeats are shit kicking the brothers. Stick with me.

Billy: We got Deadbeats to screw up. Come on.

(The group leaves the clubhouse)

Johnny: Brian, Brian, are you sure you want to be here? I mean this is a man's job after all.

Brian: No, Johnny, nope. You're the fucking pussy, man.

Johnny: Shit, I can't hear you, big man. It's the wind. Speak up next time.

Billy: See Johnny? I told you this truce meant nothing.

Johnny: You're the one who wiped his ass on the truce to start with.

Billy: Pre-emptive strike, my brother. And fuck me if it wasn't the right move.

(The group arrives at the Acter Industrial Park)

Billy: We don't take shit from Deadbeats.


Billy: Let's do this!

Billy: You Deadbeats think you can fuck with The Lost?

(The Lost begin fighting the Angels of Death)

Brian: They're really scared of you, Billy.

Billy: War's back on, Deadbeats. Lost MC forever!

Brian: Lost MC! Lost MC!

Johnny: Maybe you should just stay in the clubhouse, Brian. You ain't much help out here with the big boys.

Brian: Big boys. Heh heh heh. You're a homo, Johnny.

(If Johnny blows up a gas canister)

Johnny: Fuck, man.

Johnny: Shit, man.

Johnny: Is everyone alright?

Johnny: Quite a show.

Johnny: The pigs are gonna hear this.

(Reinforcements arrive)

Billy: More Deadbeats to play with, brothers.


Billy: Fresh meat!

Brian: Watch out, Billy. More of them.


Brian: Uhh, there's more Deadbeats here.

Brian: More Deadbeats to fuck up, Billy.

Brian: Billy, Billy, did you see these guys?

Brian: Take them Deadbeats out, Billy.

Billy: Shut up, Brian.

Billy: It's war, people.

Billy: Fucking Deadbeats.

Billy: You really are angels now.

Billy: The Deadbeats are dying.

Billy: Now you're a proper deadbeat.

Billy: The truce is over, brothers.

Billy: Like lambs to the slaughter.

Johnny: I am gonna punish you.

Johnny: This is Lost turf, assholes.

Johnny: Fuck off, A.O.D. shitheads.

Johnny: You're on the wrong side of the West River, pricks.

Johnny: You tried to jump our brothers? You're gonna pay for it.

Brian: Yeah, yeah, come on.

Brian: Billy Grey is back, Deadbeats.

Brian: Deadbeats, Deadbeats, Deadbeats.

Brian: Heh, heh, heh.

Brian: Hey, heh, Deadbeats.

(All of the AoD are killed)

Billy: Come on, brothers, get on your bikes. These Deadbeats have been taught a valuable lesson about respect.


Billy: Saddle up, brothers. These fucks are dead.

Billy: More Deadbeats on the funeral pyre. Get on your choppers.

(The Lost get back on their bikes)

Billy: Time to move out, Johnny. Come on.


Billy: No time for ass scratching, Johnny. Come on.

Billy: We're moving out, Johnny. Let's go.

Johnny: Wish us luck, my brothers. We'll see you back.


Johnny: See you back, brothers. Keep safe.

Johnny: Ride safe, brothers. We'll see you at the house.

(The group heads towards another fight)

Billy: There's another ruckus going on. Hope you brothers are in the shit kickin' mood.


Billy: You ready to break some more heads? I heard some bitches are getting smart.

Billy: Word is there's another skirmish. Come on.

Brian: Bill did good back there, you could learn a lot from watching him in a fight.

Johnny: Yeah, I need to do some learning. Mind if I practice on you, Brian?

Brian: Wouldn't want to hurt you. I don't hit women.

Billy: Now, you can't tell me this don't give you a kick, brother.

Johnny: Time was we'd kick ass with baseball bats, not SMGs. Now that was fun.

Billy: Things have grown up, brother. You want to survive, you got to grow up too. Expand your horizons. Life is war, man.

(The group begins to fight more of the AoD)

Billy: These Deadbeats just don't learn.


Billy: This is gonna be fun.

Billy: Let's take some scalps, boys.

Brian: Johnny. Johnny. Give me a shout if you need any help there.

Johnny: Don't need help from you, Brian.

Billy: God forgives. The Lost don't.

Brian: We don't forgive. We don't. We don't.

Johnny: We spoil your party, pricks?

Johnny: What you guys up to here?

Johnny: You racist pricks make me gag.

Johnny: This one's for my brothers.

Johnny: Take it like a man, dude.

Johnny: Some of your boys jumped my brothers.

(The AoD are killed and The Lose regroup around the choppers)

Billy: Come here, people.


Billy: Get in here, boys.

Billy: Brothers... Brothers, come on in, gather round.

Brian: Hey...

Billy: Chill out. Brothers, I just got word that Jason's been killed up in Broker.

Johnny: Aw, man.

Billy: He was banging some Russian broad and her heavy duty father didn't much like it.

Brian: He hired a fucking Polack to do it.

Billy: I think he was a Serb, Brian.

Brian: Fucking Slav scumbag all the fucking same.

Billy: Shut the fuck up. Brothers, we will find a way to get payback against this Polish/Russian/Serb - I don't really give a shit. In the meantime, let's take a moment to remember Jason and all the other men who've given the finger to this shitty little thing that we call conformity.

Brian: Amen, Billy.

Johnny: Got that right.

Billy: Now Jason was, he was just a kid, but he hit the throttle harder than most of us, huh? He was a law breaker, trouble maker, a beer drinker and hell-raiser. He didn't suffer fools, he got any piece of hole he wanted, he always had time for a brother in need, and he was scared of precisely jack shit.

Johnny: That's right.

Billy: In short - the kinda man I'd want to be. Jason Michaels - lost but not forgotten.

Brian: Amen to that, Billy.

Johnny: Jason.

Billy: Okay boys, the time for pussy licking and ass kissing is over. We are brothers for life. Lost forever. In these perilous times it's more important than ever that you follow your leader. And that is me, remember. See you boys back at the clubhouse.

Alternate dialogue

Brian: So are you gonna fight alongside your brothers or are you going to join the Deadbeats?

Johnny: As much as I'd like to kick your ass, Brian. I could never go against a brother.

Brian: Yeah, not to his face at least. I bet you'd stab him in the back though.

Billy: You like Mr. David Grossman then Johnny? He's got some business contacts that'll appear to your newly minted business mind.

Johnny: You talk and talk about sticking it to the man and then you hang out with a lawyer? You must be an American, man - you understand hypocrisy so damn well.

Billy: I'm a complicated individual and I've got serious authority issues. Ask my councilor.

(The group heads towards the second fight)

Johnny: Man, the Deadbeats seem real annoyed. If I was you, I'd be scared they'd attack me in the street.

Brian: They're not going to mess with me while I'm with Bill. Ha ha. No one fucks with Bill.

Johnny: Good thing you're glued to him then.

Billy: It's all out war now, Johnny. Just like the old days.

Johnny: The days when we had all the pigs this side of the West River coming down on us? Those happy days?

Billy: It doesn't matter if every bastard in the world is standing against you as long as you're with your brothers. I hope you can grow a heart one of these days.

Failing the mission

Brian dies

Johnny: Shit. Brian's gone and fucking bought it.

Billy: You should have been watching Brian, Johnny. This one's on you.

Johnny: Yeah? I thought the responsibility might be yours, what with your being leader and all. Later on, brother.

Billy dies

Johnny: Billy, man. So long brother.

Brian: Billy, you fucking killed him, Johnny. You let him die.

Johnny: Billy knew what he was getting himself into. He was a man, Brian - unlike you. Now get the fuck out of here.

Johnny's bike destroyed

Johnny: Oh man. You're kidding me. Thanks for the ride, Billy.

Billy: I'm not too big a man to wipe a brother's ass when he shits himself, Johnny. Just don't make a habit of it.

Billy's bike destroyed

Billy: We have got a problem, gentlemen. Tell me, brother. How am I supposed to lead this motley crew of bikers, without a bike?

Johnny: Answering a question like that's above my pay grade, man. Why don't you come up with an answer and earn those stripes, Billy?

Brian's bike destroyed

Brian: My bike! My bike! Shit, guys. Thanks for the ride, Klebitz-o-witz.

Johnny: Thanks for fucking this whole thing up over a little engine trouble, Brian. Now get the hell out of my face.

Johnny's bike abandoned

Johnny': Where'd I leave that thing?

Billy: You start leaving bikes behind, you'll start leaving brothers behind.

Johnny: Sure, that makes a whole lotta sense. Thanks for the ride, Bill.