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The following is a script of the mission "She's a Keeper" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Gerry: Hey.

Niko: Hey.

Gerry: Yeah, so, anyway. A friend of mine in here tells me that a close friend of yours, a girl you've been spending a lot of time with recently, swept her clean off her feet?

Niko: Okay.

Gerry: Yeah, her old boyfriend wants her back.

Niko: They always do.

Gerry: Desperately and quickly and he's looking for her. I think you and her... should go out on a glamorous date in Algonquin, show her a new pad. Then... things will be okay between you two, but move your fucking ass, pal. Women don't like a chump. You get me?

(Niko meets Gordon at the safehouse)

Gordon: You're moving her over to Boleyn Street.

Niko: Not in the cab of this car I'm not. After last time, she can ride in the trunk.

Gordon: Fair enough. Ah! Bitch just bit me! I think she has something to say.

(Gordon removes the gag from Gracie's mouth)

Gracie: Motherfuckers! When my daddy finds you, he's gonna kill you! He's gonna kill everybody you've ever met!

Gordon: Catch you around, Niko.

Niko: Thanks a lot.

(Niko begins driving to the new safehouse and runs into Ancelottis)

Ancelottis: Pull over, you bum.


Ancelottis: Give Gracie back and we won't hurt ya.

Ancelottis: We know you got Gracie in there, pull up.

Ancelottis: Get to the side of the road, you kidnapping S. O. B.

Ancelottis: Give up the girl and maybe it'll be a quick death for ya.

Gracie: They should close the borders to shits like you.

Gracie: Let me out, let me out.

Gracie: You fucking bastard.

Gracie: This is nothing in comparison with what Daddy's gonna do to you.

Gracie: I can't breather, I'm suffocating back here you immigrant fuck.

(Niko loses the pursuing Ancelottis)

Niko: Sorry guys, we're keeping this bitch.

(Niko meets Patrick at the new safehouse)

Patrick: Niko, my man. Katie's taken over on Ma duty so I'll be watching this guido bitch for you. Where is she?

Niko: In the trunk. She don't play too nice up front.

Patrick: Gracie, Gracie. Act nice now.

(Patrick opens the trunk)

Gracie: You motherfuckers, I'll rip your cocks off! Help! Help! Please let me outta here!

Patrick: She's a wild one.

Gracie: Let me out of here!

Patrick: I'll try to calm her down.

Gracie: Let me out!

Patrick: See you later, Niko.

Gracie: I'm gonna fucking kill you. I'll fucking kill you!

Failing the mission

Car damaged severely

(Niko drives new safehouse and meets with Patrick)

Patrick: Niko, what took you?

Niko: Fucking - how you say - guidos? Was all over my tail.

Patrick: You got Gracie in the trunk, do ya?

Niko: Yeah...

(Patrick opens the trunk)

Patrick: Shit, Niko. Her neck's broke.

Niko: Fuck!

Patrick: Fucking control your driving when the cargo's this valuable. I'll be in touch.

Gracie dies

Niko: Shit, man. I'm sorry but I had a crash. I think Gracie's dead.

Patrick: If my brother, Gerry, weren't in the pen he'd kick your ass, Niko. Watch yourself.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Mafia: Either you give Gracie back, or we take her.

Niko: Gerry was right. Ancelotti found his little girl.

Mafia: Give us back the girl, you sick shit.

Mafia: If you wanna live, you better cooperate. Pull over.

Niko: Packie, Ancelotti's guys came after me and screwed up the car. I think Gracie's dead.

Patrick: Shit, the old bastard killed his own daughter. I gotta tell Gerry. I'll see you later.

Mafia: The old man might go easy on you if you give up the girl.

Mafia: We know you got Gracie, give her back.