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Windy Windy Windy Windy Street

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*One [[Unique Stunt Jumpsin GTA San Andreas|Unique Stunt Jump]] - Done by going to the staircase atop/northwest of the street
*One [[Snapshots|Snapshot]] - Found above the middle part of the street
*[[Flowers]] - Right beside the northern staircase, on a patch of grass
===Trivia===*Cars Vehicles controlled by NPCs do not actually don't drive down the street, instead they turn before the street.*Is it possible to get down the hill easily. This can be done by taking a run-up and lunching your car in between the trees. If done correctly you will be on a main road with a tram line on it and a Burger Shot half a block to your North-East.
[[Category:Places in San Fierro]]

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