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'''Northwood''' is a large neighbourhood in the northernmost part of [[Algonquin]]. The Northwood Heights Bridge connects [[Algonquin]] with [[Bohan]], starting from the north end of Frankfort Avenue in Northwood. There is a [[Pay 'N' Spray]] located within the neighbourhood. [[North Holland]] and [[East Holland]] are to the south of Northwood. Northwood is based on a mixture of two real life districts of [[Wikipedia:Manhattan|Manhattan]], [[Wikipedia:Inwood, Manhattan|Inwood]] and [[wp:Washington Heights, Manhattan|Washington Heights]]. Many African-Americans reside in Northwood, along with the [[North Holland Hustlers]] and the [[Uptown Riders]]. [[Luis Fernando Lopez]] resides there also. In the [[Ballad of Gay Tony]] it is the turf of the [[Northwood Dominican Drug DealersCartel|Dominican Cartel]] and they can be seen walking around Northwood.
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