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Mr and Mrs Bellic

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A black car drives past the celebration and the passenger window rolls down to reveal an enraged Jimmy Pegorino, who produces an [[Assault Rifle|assault rifle]] and opens fire, calling Niko a "fucking double crossing immigrant shit". Without aiming, he empties the weapon into the celebration. Roman shouts for someone to call an [[ambulance]], but Kate has been killed, and Niko, knowing this, shouts out that she is dead.
Little Jacob attempts to calm Niko. The next morning, Niko wakes up in the [[South Bohan Safehouse|safehouse in]] [[South Bohan|Bohan]], in the old clothes he was wearing when he arrived in [[Liberty City in GTA IV|Liberty City]]. He rises from the bed, and says to himself sadly, "Damn, I was meant to protect [[Kate McReary|her]]". Soon, [[Niko]] will receive a call from [[Little Jacob]], and [[Out of Commission|the next mission]] will commence when you meet him at [[Koresh Square]] in [[Alderney]].
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