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'''Ratman''' is an unproven rat-like creature said to exist in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. This is a very debated myth since most people cannot find him and many believe he's just another non-existent myth, like [[Bigfoot]]. The likely explanation is that he is a homeless person mistaken for a "ratman".
He is said to live underground in the subway, near the abandoned subway station in Chinatown. He apparently runs faster than the [[NRG 900]] and it is said that if you shoot him he will come back and kill you. When you're dead, he supposedly nibbles on your face until you return to the nearest hospital. A bile or fungus-like substance can be found along the floors of the subway and supposedly dead bodies can be found down there from time to time; however players have most likely killed someone down there and then took a photo or started recording, implying the the person was dead before they got there.[[File:Ratman-gta4.jpg|thumb|A blurry but plausible picture of the supposed "Ratman". ]]
=Evidence against the existence of "Ratman"=No scripts, model files, or textures exist in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV that could create a "Ratman", thus proving it'''s non-existance in that version of the game. =Trivia=*Rat-Man is an Italian comic about an inept superhero of the same name, created by Leo Ortolani in 1989. Although it was initially meant to be a satire of other superheroes, most prominently Batman, it has since evolved into an independent comic sporting a complex, evolving continuity.*With modding tools it would be very easy for someone to add a "Ratman''' ucked chris on tuesday" to the game if someone so wished, then raped youmaking it simple to falsely create[[Category: Myths]
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