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Ducum Inn

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[[File:DucumInn-GTAVCS-exterior.jpg|thumb|Ducum Inn entrance]]
[[File:DucumInn-GTAVC-exterior.jpg|thumb|left|Ducum Inn hotel]]
The '''Ducum Inn''' is a hotel found in [[Vice Point]] in [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]]. In [[GTA Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]], the mission [[Purple Haze]] for [[Gonzales]] can be accessed here. On that mission, he is found resting on the benches near the pool inside. The building is a curved one, located on the road leading under the bridge. The Ducum Inn may be a pun on the term "Do Cum In", which pertains to the sexual intercourse method, or a pun of the greeting "Do Come In". A [[Deluxo]] can be found to at the entrance to the Inn in GTA Vice City Stories, while in [[GTA Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], there are two hidden packages in the highest diving board and in the curve behind the hotel.
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