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Cheats in GTA Vice City

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|[[File:XBox Y.png|25px|Y]][[File:Xbox LTrigger.png|25px|Left Trigger]][[File:XBox Y.png|25px|Y]][[File:XBox Black.png|25px|Black]][[File:XBox X.png|25px|X]][[File:Xbox LTrigger.png|25px|Left Trigger]][[File:Xbox LTrigger.png|25px|Left Trigger]]
|Sportscars have big wheelsVarious changes to vehicle properties, including wheel size, top speed, acceleration, and handling.<ref>[ "Big Wheels" cheat effects part 1 on YouTube]<br>[ "Big Wheels" cheat effects part 2 on YouTube]</ref>
|[[File:PS3 R1.png|25px|R1]][[File:PS3 Cross.png|25px|Cross]][[File:PS3 Triangle.png|25px|Triangle]][[File:PS3 Right.png|25px|D-Pad Right]][[File:PS3 Square.png|25px|Square]][[File:PS3 Up.png|25px|D-Pad Up]][[File:PS3 Down.png|25px|D-Pad Down]][[File:PS3 Square.png|25px|Square]]
The Big Wheels cheat has different effects on different cars, which can be found in these videos:**http:<references //>
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