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Heathcliff Waterstreet

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'''Heathcliff Waterstreet''' is a homosexual theif thief originally from [[Las Venturas]] but . He is now living in [[Algonquin ]] with his partner [[Gavin Finkle]] in the loft his grandmother left them. He is said to be a heavy drug user and as a result has lost all his hair and teeth forcing him to wear dentures and a wig. He has been arrested six times; in 1992 for possesion possession of methamphetaminesmethamphetamine, in 1994 for grand larceny, In in 1998 for Identity identity theft again , in 2001 for posession possession of Methamphetaminesmethamphetamine, In in 2005 for Fraud and finally in 2006 for Burgalry Burglary and illegal entree with intent. He is also said to be banned from [[Hercules]] for trying to disassemble the speaker system. According to the [[LCPD in GTA IV Era|LCPD]] [[LCPD Database|database ]] he is often picked up stealing from mailboxes around [[Purgatory]], [[Star Junction]] and [[Westminster]]. {{GTA IV Characters}}
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