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Friendships in The Lost and Damned

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In [[The Lost and Damned]], the first DLC pack for [[Grand Theft Auto IV]], [[Johnny Klebitz]] has three '''friends''', which are with [[Jim Fitzgerald]], [[Clay Simons]] and [[Terry Thorpe]]. Unlike [[Friendships in GTA IV]], the player has all their special abilities from the beginning of the game. If the player calls any of them, all three will come. The activies that can be done are; [[Air Hockey]], [[Arm Wrestling]], [[Comedy Club]], [[Darts]], [[Drinking]], [[Eating]], [[Pool]] and [[Strip Clubs]]. There is also another activity called [[Hang Out]] which is when the player calls a friend who woll go to [[The Lost MC clubhouse]] by himslef. There Johnny and the friend can do three activies; Arm Wrestling, [[Hi-Lo]] and Pool. When the player no longer wants to hang out, they must leave the clubhouse and walk a short distance away. Unfortunately the player can no longer go [[Bowling]] with friends like in the main game, but Johnny can still play by himself. Perestroika (Cabaret Club) has also been removed.
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