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Team Deathmatch

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* Below is a review on the weapons added for BOGT:
**'''[[Pistol .44]]''' - Despite the slow rate of fire, small magazine capacity, and long reload, the extreme power and great range makes this an acceptable weapon.**'''[[Gold SMG]]''' - While this is essentially the same as the [[Micro Uzi]] from regular GTA IV and TLAD, this one has an incredibly high rate of fire that is perfect for combat or drive by shootings and also has a 30 round magazine rather than a 50 round magazine.**'''[[Assault SMG]]''' - This is not a bad gun, but it can not be used during drive bys and is similar in range to the Gold SMG and with a slower rate of fire. On foot, however, this is better than the Gold SMG.**'''[[Advanced MG]]''' - This is certainly the best gun in the game. The rate of fire, power, accuracy, and magazine capacity of this weapon can turn 1 player into a moving turret.**'''[[Sticky Bombs]]''' - These are an oddity, as these are useful as in they can stick to objects and detonate remotely, rather than on a fuse, but have the same explosive force as grenads or pipe bombs. They can be used for trickery, as in placing sticky bombs on a vehicle, giving it to an enemy, and as soon as they get in, blow it up.**'''[[Explosive Shotgun|Explosive / Auto Shotgun]]'''- While the shotgun is not actually fully automatic, the explosive shotgun is a whopper. It will destroy cars, people, helicopters, or anything that can attack you. The buckshot shotgun is okay, but only at close quarters.**'''[[Advanced Sniper]]''' - This is the best sniper rifle in the history of snipers. It can have explosive rounds, making helicopters that much easier to bring down. This also obliterates people, shreds cars, and makes mincemeat of people riding bikes. The bad point is the recoil, you can't fire a magazine all at once. If a person has a Advanced MG, you'll probably be 50/50 with the kill.
*The weather and time of day don't matter. Only start a game with two teams. Three teams make it more difficult to play. NEVER allow 1-man teams. They rack up kills and annoy everyone.
* Take this game a little more seriously than free modeFree Mode. On free modeFree Mode, hitting fellow players with cars is fine, but don't do that on TDM. It usually makes them leave the game.
* In a friendly fire game, do not kill your teammates. You lose $100, your team loses $100, and nobody wins.
* Try to avoid clans. Clans such as DBA, GMS, FSU, and the millions of other GTA IV clans usually have turbos, lag switches, use corners, have mods, etc. It is not fun to play with them as they usually cheat.
* During TBOGT you CAN NOT obtain any Helicoptors. Rockstar probably done this so people can get kills instead of wasting time getting one.
* If there is a modder, LEAVE immediately, everyone will. However if the modder is on your team, use them to your advantage. It may seem horrible to other players, but every dollar counts towards your rank.
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