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Gang Leaders

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The '''Boss''' or '''Don''' is the leader of a [[Mafia|mafia]] or gang who makes the decisions, often on advise from their [[Consigliere]], or advisoradviser.  ==[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]]==
In this game the playable character, [[Tommy Vercetti]] is the leader of the [[Vercetti Gang]]. It's one of the only games in the series in which you play as the leader of any gang.
==Notable Bossesbosses==
;Italian Mafia
*[[Salvatore Leone]] - [[Leone Family]] (? - 2001)
*[[Dwayne Forge]] - [[North Holland Hustlers]]
*[[Real Badman]] - [[Jamaican Posse]]
*[[Clarence Little]] - [[East Holland Drug CrewGang]]
;Crime Syndicates
Members, Alumni

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