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Vehicle Theft

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If a vehicle is occupied by a driver, the player must pull the driver in question out before they can enter and drive away. If the player enters via the passenger's side, the player character simply forces the driver out from inside the car; if the passenger side is also occupied, the player character will pull the passenger out before entering. If the player interrupts the carjacking by pressing any other key in GTA San Andreas or GTA IV, the player character will simply pull out the first occupant but will not enter the vehicle.
Whereas most games simply depict the player character pulling its occupants out, player characters in [[GTA San Andreas]], [[Grand Theft Auto: GTA Liberty City Stories]], [[Grand Theft Auto: GTA Vice City Stories]] and [[GTA IV ]] employ violence to obtain a vehicle. In these games, punches and kicks (common in lower vehicles such sports car) may be used against an occupant, and if the player character in GTA IV is wielding a firearm, he may threaten the occupant at gunpoint. It is also possible in GTA IV to steal a vehicle without having to "carjack" them. If one aims a gun at the driver of a vehicle (or passenger), they will sometimes say something, and then get out and run away, or, they will back up and drive away, trying to avoid the player. NPC's when carjacked may also end up calling the police for help.
For ships, the player may simply jump aboard the boat, triggering its driver to leave the controls and flee. Carjacking an occupied aircraft may be done in multiplayer modes, but is otherwise difficult in single player mode, if not impossible, as occupied aircraft are often not within reach to the player.

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