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Miss T

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[[File:MissT-GTA4GTAIV-logo.png|150px|right|Miss T logo]]'''Miss T''' is a hip hop clothing brand that makes women's hip hop/street style clothes in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. It is featured in the in-game [[Websites in GTA IV|website]] [[|]] under the "Hip Hop" shopping section. The clothing brand's name could be a reference to the [[Grand Theft Auto III]] character [[Misty]], and is a possible parody of clothing brand [[:wp:Miss Sixty|Miss Sixty]], also paying homage to famous showman [[:wp:Mr T|Mister T]]. [[Rudy D'Avanzo]] often visits Miss T.
*<gallery width="auto" perrow="3" style="font-size:95%; padding:0; text-align:left;" widths="160">File:MissT-GTAIV-CityHall-exterior.jpg|[[Columbus AvenueCity Hall, Algonquin|City Hall]], [[Middle Park EastAlgonquin]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV EraFile:MissT-GTAIV-MiddleParkEast-exterior.jpg|Liberty City]]*[[Liberty LaneMiddle Park East]], [[Liberty City Hall, AlgonquinFile:MissT-GTAIV-MiddleParkEast2-exterior.jpg|City Hall]]Middle Park East, Liberty City</gallery>
*Some African-American prostitutes can sometimes be seen wearing clothing with the Miss T logo on the back.
File:MissT-GTA4-exterior.jpg|The Miss T Store in City Hall
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