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Grand Theft Auto IV

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'''Grand Theft Auto IV''' (officially abbreviated as '''GTA IV''') is the eleventh [[Grand Theft Auto]] game in the series, the first of the [[GTA IV Era]].
The game was developed by [[Rockstar North]] and was published and released by [[Rockstar Games]] for the [[Xbox 360]], [[PlayStation 3]], and [[Personal Computer|PC]]. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were been released worldwide to widespread hype on April 29, 2008. GTA IV was subsequently been awarded the Gaming World Record of the Most Successful Entertainment Launch of All Time, and has received numerous other awards and accolades, the . The original version made even more success than its expansions. The PC version was released on December 3, 2008.
==Game Information==
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The very first dialogue by Niko in the very first trailer for the game, this sets up the first notable [[protagonist]] to be from another country, [[Niko Bellic]], to enter the [[United States of America]] and make more critical analysis of American culture than previous main characters have done. ''Grand Theft Auto IV's'' deeper meaning circulates around Niko's own philosophy, and his clear, blunt critiques of American culture and life in general make the deeper ideas much easier to see and understand. Niko is normally shown to be in the right, but is also proven to be overly cynical, leaving interpretation open to the viewer. The game and its very complex plot deals with several themes:
As read on the packaging of the game, Rockstar Games asks "what does the American dream mean today?". Niko is cynical about America, saying "capitalism is a dirty business" and only people who are extremely greedy and/or born into wealth have any opportunity. [[Mikhail Faustin]] also laments before he dies that "America made him [[Dimitri Rascalov|him]] greedy! ...This American greed takes everyone! It is like a disease!". Niko mocks American stereotypes like "strip malls and clinical obesity" (as do the makers of the game by hilariously parodying concepts like [[wp:Post-9/11|post-9/11 hysteria]] and [[wp:Celebrity|celebrity obsession]]). On the flip-side Roman Bellic, as well as other characters ([[Brucie Kibbutz]], [[Bernie Crane]], [[Ivan Bytchkov]] and [[Hossan Ramzy]] among others) are optimistic about America and life in general, tend to do very well for themselves financially, and try in vain to encourage Niko to be more optimistic.
The American dream is also shown not to be promised to anyone, not even when they already live in America. Social circles all the way from Playboy X and Elizabeta Torres to Patrick McReary all have trouble making and responsibly saving money, not restricting it to any one nationality. Early on, [[The Beat 102.7]] explains that their listeners "don't know how to manage their money yet!". Gerry describes his family's spending habits as "Never any fucking focus! Never! ...Oh yeah, wine and women as quick as possible, and remain a slave forever". Packie eventually says after [[Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend|a mission]] "Well, Niko, that was a whole lot of effort for no fucking reward. Story of my life." to which Niko replies "It is the story of a lot of lives, Packie. I'm getting used to hearing it". A very interesting part of the in-game media is a show called [[I'm Rich]], which documents the most outrageous displays of gluttony by the world's wealthiest people, enough to make anyone feel inadequate.
Grand Theft Auto IV has an extremely complex plot with a very long list of characters. It is also the first game that allows the player to change the plot by making choices, which all have consequences. This creates an atmosphere where Niko is haunted and shadowed by his past actions wherever he goes. He tells Roman "There is no such thing as a new beginning, Roman. With every day we live, we pick up new baggage, baggage we must carry with us for the rest of our lives. There's no dropping it and pretending we are fresh and clean, just because we get off a boat in a new place." Prime examples include his numerous run-ins with [[Ray Bulgarin]], most of the [[Random Charactersin GTA IV Era|random characters]], and working alongside [[Johnny Klebitz]] or Patrick McReary while he had, either by not having met them yet or circumstances beyond his control, killed someone close to them. In the finale, Niko feels the coffin of Kate or Roman, depending on the player's choice, on his conscience because of his criminal lifestyle, saying they "never should have gotten close to me". He is deeply depressed about being trapped in the criminal lifestyle (by a need of income), telling Kate McReary and others that he wishes he could leave it behind, but often adds that he knows he can't.
'''Main Characters:'''
*[[Roman Bellic]], [[Little Jacob]], [[Brucie Kibbutz]], [[Kate McReary]] and [[Bernie Crane]]: The '''optimists''', people Niko likes because of their positivity, and they all try in vain to encourage Niko to be more optimistic. Many are foolish and could be mistaken for comic relief, but they do offer pearls of wisdom about life and success, a realization that Niko must make at the same time. Other interesting cases are Ivan Bytchkov, and Hossan, both immigrants like Niko but with much more confidence in the American way of life.
*[[Packie McReary]], [[Gerald McReary]], [[Derrick McReary]], [[Dwayne Forge]] and [[Phil Bell]]: The '''pessimists''', people Niko likes because they have angst that he instinctively responds to. Packie and Dwayne especially become friends of Niko because of their shared struggle; Niko confides in Dwayne remarkably early in their relationship when he says "you remind me of me". It's also notable that he relates well to Jon Gravelli and his bleak sense of humor, despite an enormous age gap, other lifestyle differences and Niko's traditional dislike of his bosses.
*[[Vladimir Glebov|Vlad Glebov]], [[Dimitri Rascalov]], [[Mikhail Faustin]], [[Ray Bulgarin]], [[Francis McReary]], [[United Liberty Paper]], [[Manny EcsuelaEscuela]], [[Elizabeta Torres]], [[Playboy X]], [[Ray Boccino]] and [[Jimmy Pegorino]]: The '''corrupt''', people Niko doesn't like (or forced to take orders of them) because of their greed or immorality. He had to take orders from all of them, considers killing most of them at least once, and inevitably kills above one third of them. This, combined with his dislike of capitalism, shows that Niko has authority issues and can't stand corrupt people in power. With the exception of United Liberty Paper, Elizabeta (who ends up in jail) and only if spared Playboy X and Francis McReary, all of the corrupt end up dead
*[[Mallorie Bardas]], [[Karen]], [[Jon Gravelli]], [[Darko Brevic]], [[Bryce Dawkins]], [[Johnny Klebitz]]; '''other''' characters in the game.
*[[Michelle (GTA IV)|Michelle]], [[Kate McReary]], [[Carmen Ortiz]], [[Kiki Jenkins]] and [[Alex Chilton]]; '''girlfriends''' Niko can date. Michelle and Kate are unlocked in the story mode; the other 3 must be met by the internet. Each girlfriend has their own opinions on what they would like Niko to drive in, wear and go to. The 3 online girlfriends can give Niko a special ability once he pleases them enough in quality and quantity of date.
{{audio | file=GTAIV-Theme.ogg | caption=[[Soviet Connection - The Theme from Grand Theft Auto IV|Soviet Connection]] - GTA IV Main Theme | author=[[Michael Hunter]] }}
===Time period===
The game is set in 2008, the year the game was released. It is specifically between July and October:
* In The Ballad of Gay Tony, whose timeline intersects the original GTA IV frequently, Gay Tony mentions in [[I Luv LC]] that "the banks" had been bailed out which was made official in early on October3, 2008. * A Weazel News segment on the radio says that the events in [[Paper Trail]] and [[Entourage]] were about one month apart. * Another Weazel News radio cast says that a month after the [[Platypus]] captain's body was found, shipmate [[Dave Bosoy]] was also found dead - Dave was found around the same time as [[Undress to Kill]]. * [[Ernesto Lopez]] mentions to [[Luis Lopez]] that his children are in school. * The entire plot also likely happens in less than three months - a celebrity named [[Cloe Parker]] has a three-month-old child, and in tabloid tradition there would have been extensive coverage of her pregnancy. * The real-life New York City begins to snow around mid November, and it never snows in the game. * It's also never revealed whether [[John Hunter]] or [[Michael Graves]] was elected governor, which would have occurred in early November.
===Late Algonquin and Alderney===
Roman is kidnapped by Dimitri's Russian mob once again, after his gambling habit led him to "gambling in their private club". After Niko rescues him, Roman finally becomes a millionaire and purchases a luxury condo for him and Niko. Soon after he is contacted again by Packie McReary, and begins working with his family and friends in the Irish mob (also finding out chief McReary is his brother). Niko becomes a family friend, eventually dating Packie's sister [[Kate McReary]]. Niko is introduced to Ray Boccino of the [[Pegorino Family]], who employ Packie's crew as extra muscle. Ray leads everyone involved in a messy, complex [[Diamonds|diamond]] deal that pits them against the [[Ancelotti Family]], resulting in Niko and Packie kidnapping the don's [[Gracie Ancelotti|daughter]] to demand back the diamonds that were stolen back from them. The diamonds are lost in garbage during a firefight between Niko/Packie and Ray Bulgarin again, who was the very first owner of the diamonds. Niko is later also forced to make a choice of killing one of Packie's older brothers, Francis or Derrick. Francis is a crooked police commissioner, and if spared will reward Niko with $10-20,000 and the favor of calling off a police pursuit. Derrick, however, is a derelict heroin addict and has nothing to offer Niko aside from the satisfaction of killing Francis.
For his assistance, Niko demanded that Boccino lead him to Florian - he successfully tracks Florian down, who changed his name to Bernie Crane. Niko discovers that Florian/Bernie was innocent and a closeted homosexual (leaving Niko to hunt down the real traitor, [[Darko Brevic]]). Niko continues to help Bernie as a friend, helping to ward off blackmailers of his boyfriend, closeted politician [[Bryce Dawkins]] (the demands, control of construction unions, are from Dimitri and Ray Bulgarin of all people). After his help they have a profound friendship, and Bernie rewards Niko with an [[Infernus]] supercar.
*[[Ivan the Not So Terrible|Spare or kill]] [[Ivan Bytchkov]] (sent to kill him by [[Vlad Glebov]]).
**Reward: Nothing for spare or killRandom character if spared.
*[[Ruff Rider|Spare or kill]] [[Cherise Glover]] (sent to kill her [[Jayvon Simson|boyfriend]] by [[Dwayne Forge]]).**Reward: Nothing for spare or killRandom character if spared.
*[[Holland Nights|Spare or kill]] [[Clarence Little]] (sent to kill him by [[Francis McReary]]).
**Reward: Nothing for spare or killRandom character if spared.
*[[The Holland Play|Kill]] [[Playboy X]] or [[Dwayne Forge]] (each request you kill the other).
**Reward for killing [[Playboy X]]: [[Playboy X's Penthouse]] as a usable safehouse, [[Dwayne Forge]] as a friend and a new costume.
**Reward for killing [[Dwayne Forge]]: [[Money|$]]25,000
*[[Blood Brothers|Kill]] [[Francis McReary]] or [[Derrick McReary]] (Francis arranges each request you to kill Derrick by setting him and Derrick to meet and then letting Niko kill; Derrick tries to get you to kill Francisthe other).
**Reward for killing [[Francis McReary]]: Nothing
**Reward for killing [[Derrick McReary]]: [[Money|$]]10,000 (20,000 if you call Francis on the roof) and the ability to remove your Wanted Level soon after this message (this ability is removed by the end of the game).
*[[That Special Someone|Spare or kill]] Darko Brevic.
*[[One Last Thing|Choose]] to [[If the Price is Right|strike a deal]] or [[A Dish Served Cold|exact revenge]].
**The final 3 missions of the game are different depending on which ending you took. Both endings will reward you with Reward for choosing Deal: [[Kate McReary]] is alive, paid $250,000 (you get this after beating the first and third final missions of Deal and Revenge respectively)soonerThe first three**Reward for choosing Revenge: [[Roman Bellic]] is alive, if sparedpaid $250, all become random characters (in Clarence's he appears with a gun and attempts to kill Niko and Niko will have to kill him, it should also be noted that if Niko chooses not to kill him and drive away, that Clarence will chase Niko. This contrasts to the other two which will request Niko's help with something). Killing Playboy or Dwayne both offer different rewards, killing Derrick gives you money but killing Francis gives you no money (instead, it makes the next mission slightly easier) The choice of Darko has little to no implication, while the final choice is the biggest of all - it triggers different missions and determines the fate of either Niko's Cousin Roman or his love interest Kate McReary000 later.
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