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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

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==Liberty City in 1998==
[[Image:LibertyCity-GTALCS-map.jpg|210px|thumb|left|A map of GTA Liberty City Stories.]]
At this earlier time in the GTA lineage, Liberty City is slightly different. For example, [[Luigi Goterelli|Luigi Goterelli's]] [[Sex Club Seven]] is named [[Paulie's Revue Bar]], and is instead owned by [[Joseph Daniel O'Toole]], a pervert working for the [[Sindacco Family]] (from [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]), although the player sees how it later becomes Sex Club Seven. There is also a [[Little Italy]] section of town that does not exist in the Liberty City from GTA III, although its fate is explained in this game. Even the tallest tower in Liberty City in 1998 is only half of its height is compared to [[Grand Theft Auto III|GTA III]]. The way to get from island to island has also been tweaked. A ferry now runs from [[Portland Island]] to [[Staunton Island]], and the tunnel that connects the islands in GTA III has not yet been completed - only the section of the tunnel that runs from north [[Shoreside Vale]] to south Shoreside Vale is open. The [[Callahan Bridge]] (the bridge that was blown up in Grand Theft Auto III) has also not been fully constructed yet. Only after the mission "Driving Mr. Leone", which occurs at around 19% completion, you can actually traverse the bridge as its construction progresses. In addition, motorbikes were previously permitted in the city. The official Liberty City Stories websites reveal that motorbikes were no longer in GTA III due to a public ordinance that banned them that was supported by the [[Maibatsu Corporation]] (which marketed the oversized [[Maibatsu Monstrosity]] in GTA III) in order to promote the use of automobiles in the city.{{Chronology}}
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