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Gang Leaders

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| rowspan="2"| [[File:Catalina-GTASA.jpg|100px]]<br />'''[[Catalina]]'''
| colspan="2" align="center"| <small>Catalina was the leader of the [[Colombian Cartel]] during the latter part of [[2001]] in [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]], succeeding an un-named man killed by [[Mike]]. She and her right hand man [[Miguel]] increased the Cartel's efforts in manufacturing and distributing the drug [[SPANK]], which included using a freighter docked in [[Portland Harbor]] as a factory and reaching an agreement with the [[Liberty City Triads|Triads]] and the [[Uptown Yardies]] to sell SPANK through noodle stands in [[Chinatown, Portland Island|Portland Island]] and around [[Staunton Island]] respectively. They also come to know [[Leone Family]] secrets through [[Curly Bob]], a SPANK addicted bar tender working at [[Luigi's Sex Club 7]], a Leone front. The Cartel under Catalina also begin to put increasing pressure on media mogul [[Donald Love]], kidnapping an [[Old Oriental Gentleman|old oreintal gentleman]]. The Cartel's activities, however, are continously thwarted by [[Claude]], who [[Cutting the Grass|kills their Leone informant]], [[Bomb Da Base Act II|destroys their SPANK factory freighter]], [[Smack Down|kills a number of Yardie drug pushers]] and [[Espresso-2-Go!|destroys]] a Cartel front, [[The Kappa Coffee House]], which was selling SPANK on Staunton Island. Catalina later [[Ransom (GTA III)|kidnaps]] [[Maria Latore]] and kills both [[Asuka Kasen]] and former ally [[Miguel]] (who had been tortured for information by Asuka and Maria) and leaves a ransom note. She leads Claude into an ambush, which he escapes from, and later tracks her down to the [[Cochrane Dam]], [[The Exchange (mission)|killing her]] with a [[Rocket Launcher|rocket launcher]] as she hovered above in a [[Helicopter (GTA III)|helicopter]].<br />Catalina also appears in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]].</small>
| <small>'''[[Grand Theft Auto III]]''' ([[Introduction (GTA III)|Introduction]], [[Cutting the Grass]], [[Grand Theft Aero]], [[Kingdom Come]] <sub>(voice)</sub>, [[Ransom (GTA III)|Ransom]] <sub>(voice)</sub> and [[The Exchange (GTA III)|The Exchange]] <sub>(killed)</sub></small>
| rowspan="2"| [[File:ElBurro-Artwork.jpg|100px]]<br />'''[[El Burro (GTA III)|El Burro]]'''
| colspan="2" align="center"| <small>El Burro is the leader of the [[Diablos]] gang based in [[Hepburn Heights]], [[Portland Island]], [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]]. He has been the gangs leader for an unknown period of time and may have been involved in the Diablos initial gang wars with the [[Leone Family|Leone]] and [[Forelli Family|Forelli]] families and the gangs co-operation with [[Massimo Torini]] of the [[Sicilian Mafia]]. He employs [[Claude]] in October [[2001]], initially having him take part in a [[Turismo (mission)|race]] to prove himself. He later has Claude [[I Scream, You Scream|kill a number of Leone Family mobsters]] with an [[Mr. Whoopee|ice cream van]], [[Trial By Fire|kill a number]] of [[Liberty City Triads|Triads]] with a [[Flamethrower|flamethrower]] and to [[Big'n'Veiny|collect stolen]] volumes of [[Donkey Does Dallas]] for [[XXXMags]]. He is also known to be involved in a gang war with the [[Uptown Yardies]] after derogatory remarks made about [[Queen Lizzy]].<br />A character named El Burro also appears in [[Grand Theft Auto 1]] (see [[El Burro (GTA 1)]]) and in [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]] (see [[El Burro (GTA CW)]]</small>
| <small>'''[[Grand Theft Auto III]]''' ([[Turismo (mission)|Turismo]] <sub>(voice)</sub>, [[I Scream, You Scream]] <sub>(voice)</sub>, [[Trial By Fire]] <sub>(voice)</sub> and [[Big'n'Veiny]] <sub>(voice)</sub></small>
| rowspan="2"| [[File:SalvatoreLeone-GTAIII.jpg|100px]]<br />'''[[Salvatore Leone]]'''
| colspan="2" align="center"| <small>Salvatore Leone was the Don of the [[Leone Family]] between the mid-1980s and October [[2001]]. He led the gang as they increased their interests on [[Portland Island]] following the [[Keep Your Friends Close...|death]] of [[Forelli Family]] Don [[Sonny Forelli]]. In [[1992]] he [[The Introduction|agrees]] to give [[Johnny Sindacco]], of the rival [[Sindacco Family]], [[Money|$]]5 million for a one-third share of [[Caligula's Palace]] (along with the Forelli's). Salvatore, however, quickly decides to get his money back and hires [[Carl Johnson]] to [[Freefall|stop a Forelli hit squad]] and later [[Saint Mark's Bistro|perform a hit against the Forelli's]]. Salvatore, however, later angrily phones Johnson after he and the [[San Fierro Triads|Triads]] perform a [[Breaking the Bank at Caligula's|heist]] at Caligula's Palace. An angry Salvatore, with his new girlfriend (and by [[1998]] wife) [[Maria Latore]], returns to [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]]. In 1998, with the help of [[Toni Cipriani]], he launches a gang war with the Forelli and Sinadcco Families and is later forced to attack the [[Sicilian Mafia]], [[Diablos]] and [[Liberty City Triads|Triads]], after the three gangs established themselves in the city. Salvatore is later forced to [[Driving Mr. Leone|flee]] to [[Staunton Island]] and is then arrested, having Toni step up the attacks by killing [[Paulie Sindacco]] (Don of the Sindacco Family), whilst Toni later [[Bringing the House Down|destroying]] [[Fort Staunton]] (a Forelli Family strong hold). After Salvatore is released, he and Toni [[The Sicilian Gambit|chase down and kill]] [[Massimo Torini]] of the Sicilian Mafia, before making peace with [[Uncle Leone|Salvatore's uncle]], the Don of the Sicilian Mafia. Salvatore then begins to regret his conflicts with the Forelli and Sindacco families, realising that many new gangs have been able to move into the city and consolidate their position. Salvatore Leone continues to lead the Leone Family in [[2001]] and, not longer after being released from prison again, [[Salvatore's Called A Meeting|meets]] [[Claude]] and has him work against the [[Colombian Cartel]], including [[Cutting the Grass|killing]] their [[Curly Bob|informant]] and then [[Bomb Da Base Act I|destroying]] a freighter being used to manufacture [[SPANK]]. Salvatore, paranoid following Carl Johnson's betrayal in 1992, [[Last Requests|betrays]] Claude and almost succeeds, although his wife Maria helps him escape to Staunton Island with [[Yakuza]] co-leader [[Asuka Kasen]], who later has him return to Portland Island to [[Sayonara Salvatore|kill]] Salvatore Leone as he left [[Luigi's Sex Club 7]].</small>
| <small>'''[[Grand Theft Auto III]]''' ([[Salvatore's Called A Meeting]], [[Chaperone]], [[Cutting the Grass]], [[Bomb Da Base Act I]], [[Last Requests]] and [[Sayonara Salvatore]] <sub>(killed)</sub><br />'''[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]''' ([[Freefall]], [[Saint Mark's Bistro]] and [[Breaking the Bank at Caligula's]])<br />'''[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]]''' ([[Introduction (GTA LCS)|Introduction]], [[Don in 60 Seconds]], [[The Offer]], [[Ho Selecta!]], [[Frighteners]], [[Rollercoaster Ride]], [[Contra-Banned]], [[Salvatore's Salvation]], [[The Guns of Leone]], [[Sindacco Sabotage]], [[The Trouble With Triads]], [[Driving Mr. Leone]], [[A Walk in the Park]], [[Making Toni]], [[Caught in the Act]], [[Search and Rescue]], [[Taking the Peace]], [[Shoot the Messenger]], [[Rough Justice]], [[Dead Reckoning]], [[Shogun Showdown]], [[The Shoreside Redemption]] and [[The Sicilian Gambit]])</small>
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