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extra information regarding The ballad of gay Tony
The name comes from a Native American tribe that lived in the Great Lakes region of the [[United States of America]], but now live in Quebec, Canada. History states that Algonquin is a Native American word for "place to build condo skyscrapers".
In GTA IV, Algonquin is legally inaccessible to the player until the terrorist threat is lifted on the bridges across the Humboldt River during the mission [[Blow Your Cover]] for [[Elizabeta Torres]].<br /><br />In [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]] however, Algonquin is the first borough visited in the game, as protagonist [[Luis Lopez]] lives in an apartment located in the vicinity of [[North Holland]], Algonquin.
'''Algonquin '''is based on the [[wp:Borough (New York City)|borough]] of Manhattan, New York City.
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