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Power-ups in GTA 1

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'''Power-ups in [[Grand Theft Auto 1|the first Grand Theft Auto]] ''' encompass a variety of pickups that primarily alter the player's behavior, grant them temporary or permanent benefits that can aid the player during missions, dire situations, or simply for fun.
Power-ups are scattered across the city within crates which can be acquired by finding them in specific locations broken using the player's weapon (including melee attacks) or using a vehicle, and picked up while on foot or in the citiesa vehicle.
<div align="center">
|<center>[[Image:Speed Up (GTA1) (pickup).png|16px]]</center>
|<center>[[Image:Speed Up (GTA1) (HUD icon).png|30px]]</center>
|Makes Speeds up the movement of the player and his/her car fasteror the vehicle they are in.
|<center>[[Image:Information (GTA1) (pickup).png|22px]]</center>
|<center>NoneGame tips provided at the bottom of the screen.</center>|At the beginning of game adds tips, and infos Provides information about the city and the player is in some occasions opens up new ares, as well as specific features in the game.
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