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Liberty Memorial Coliseum

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{{Infobox Structuresinfobox business||image=[[File:LibertyMemorialColiseum-GTAIII-southwest.jpg|335px]]size = 350x350px| game_1 = GTA III| game_2 = GTA Advance| game_3 = GTA Liberty City Stories|captionname = The Liberty Memorial Coliseum in | type = [[Grand Theft Auto III:Category:Stadiums|Stadium]].|games owner = | location = [[Grand Theft Auto IIIAspatria]]<br>, [[Grand Theft Auto Advance]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Storiesin GTA III Era|Liberty City]]|location affiliation = | missions = [[AspatriaSee the Sight Before Your Flight]]<br />[[Taxi Driver]], <br />[[Staunton IslandTwo-Hand Toss]]|use employee = Stadium
The '''Liberty Memorial Coliseum''', also known as '''Bush Stadium''' in the official GTA III website, is a multipurpose stadium located in [[Aspatria]] on [[Staunton Island]], in the [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|GTA III—GTA Vice City Stories rendition of Liberty City]].
{{quote|'''Bush Stadium: Where Liberty City Sports fans get off.''' ''With the loss of virtually all of our major sports franchises, and the rise in suburban living, Liberty City has become a soccer town. Proud soccer moms are passionate about the Liberty City Cocks, while the men just love the LC Beavers. It is a passionate rivalry which has been known to spill over into violence, including SUV hit and runs and screaming, bitter fights between angry housewives. Go Cocks! Up the Beavers!''}}
According to the plaque above the stadium's entrance, Liberty Memorial Coliseum was built in 1923, the same year as [[wp:Yankee_Stadium_(1923)|the original Yankee Stadium]], and underwent an extensive renovation in 1998, during the events of [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories|Liberty City Stories]]. The stadium is similar in appearance to the [[wp:Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum|Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum]], particularly its main entrance. The stadium is assumed to be multifunctional; the stadium hosts football and soccer matches and has a running track, similar to the L.A. Coliseum before its renovations in the early 1990s. The bleachers of the stadium have the name of the city's football team, the [[Liberty City Cocks]]. Presumably, it is also the home stadium of the [[Liberty City Beavers]], similar to [[wp:Giants Stadium|Giants Stadium]], and its later replacement, the [[wp:New Meadowlands MetLife Stadium|New Meadowlands MetLife Stadium]], hosting both the [[wp:New York Giants|New York Giants]] and [[wp:New York Jets|New York Jets]].
The stadium is a drop-off point for "[[Taxi Driver]]" in GTA III in which the location is generically named '''Football Stadium'''. During events in [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], the stadium is shown undergoing renovations, and is also advertised as the venue of [[Crow]]fest '98; the stadium is also a destination for "[[See the Sight Before Your Flight]]."
* In GTA III, the field and bleachers are textured but have incorrect collision data, including a large hole that allows the player to fall through [[Blue Hell]]. In GTA Liberty City Stories, the field and bleachers are nonexistent but the same collision data is used.
* Bush Stadium is a reference to two things. One, it is a reference to "bush", a slang term for a patch of genital hair. It is also an obvious reference to then U.S. president [[wp:George W. Bush|George W Bush]].
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File:BushStadium-GTAIII-logo.png|Logo of the "Bush Stadium" from the official GTA III website.File:LibertyMemorialColiseum-GTAIII-aerialview.png|Aerial view of the stadium in the official GTA III website.File:LibertyMemorialColiseum-GTAIII-interior.jpg|The stadium in GTA III as viewed from inside.File:BushStadium-GTAA-Cocks.png|[[Mike]] inside the stadium in GTA Advance.File:LibertyMemorialColiseum-GTALCS-exterior.jpg|The Liberty Memorial Coliseum under renovation in GTA Liberty City Stories, 1998.
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