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[[File:Stuntjumps algonquin.jpg|thumb|right|333px300px|Unique Stunt Jumps in Algonquin.]]
'''Algonquin''' is the largest borough in [[Liberty City in GTA IV|Liberty City]] possessing 29 of the metropolitan area's 65 neighborhoods, with an estimated population of 3,331,205 (may lower by hundreds every day). It serves as the core of the Liberty metropolitan area, and contains the two central business districts of the city. Downtown Algonquin and Midtown Algonquin hold the city's skyscrapers, some world famous. Algonquin is the most densely populated area in Liberty City, and is known to be the center of finance and economy. Recently, it is suggested that Algonquin has surpassed London as the "Financial Capital of the World".
*In the game's [[Television]] show [[History of Liberty City]] it is said that the Native American name 'Algonquin' meant 'Place to build many skyscrapers'.
*The Algonquin name is derived from the [[wp:Algonquin|Algonquin]] native Americans, similar to the origins of [[wp:Manhattan|Manhattan]]'s name. "Manhattan" is actually a [[wp:Unami language|Lenapean]] phrase used by the [ Lenape Tribe of Indians], referring to "island of many hills".
*Before the completion of the mission [[Blow Your Cover]] for [[Elizabeta Torres]], Algonquin is a good place to gain the "One Man Army" Achievement. To do this, the player has to somehow enter the borough, gaining a six-star wanted level. Once the player has gained the wanted level, they must somehow stay alive in the borough for five real-world minute to gain the achievement.* An alternate method of gaining the "One-Man Army" achievement in Algonquin before the completion of Blow Your Cover is to spawn a vehicle using cheats (this will not block any achievements, unless it is the Annihilator) and drive it around Algonquin's subway network for five real-wrold minutes until they gain the achievement.

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