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Freddy (GTA SA)

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==Character history==
Freddy, presumably born in [[Los Santos|Los Santos']] poorer neighbourhoods neighborhoods controlled by the [[Los Santos Vagos]], joined the the Los Santos Vagos gang and at some point prior to [[1992]] was sentenced to prison for an unknown crime. He was joined in his prison cell by aspiring rapper and [[Grove Street Families]] member [[OG Loc]], who after being released asks [[Carl Johnson]] for assistance in confronting him, claiming Freddy stole his rhymes adnd disrespected him. Freddy, however, insinuates that he had [[:wp:Prison rape|prison raped]] Loc, saying it was a "prison thing" due to the lack of [[Prostitutes|"muchachas"]] inside prison.
Loc and Carl later locate Freddy inside his house in East Los Santos, although Freddy escapes through the back door and on to a [[PCJ-600]]. Loc and Carl give chase and follow him through the [[Los Santos Freeway|freeway]] and to a basketball court full of Los Santos Vagos gangsters. Carl and Loc kill the gangsters and Freddy, before driving to Loc's job at [[Burger Shot]] in [[Marina]].
*Carl Johnson and OG Loc can kill Freddy while travelling traveling on the highway, although the cutscene showing the Los Santos Vagos gangsters still appears.
*During the mission [[OG Loc (mission)|OG Loc]], Freddy drives an [[Special Vehicles in GTA San Andreas|invulnerable PCJ-600]].

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