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[[File:Ventoso-GTAVCS-front.jpg|thumb|right|275px|A Ventoso in GTA Vice City Stories.]]
The '''Ventoso''' is a moped featured in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]].

== Description ==
Weak in engine power, the Ventoso's performance is no different from that of the [[Faggio]] scooter, being slow but compensates with moderate-to-good steering (due to its speed). Based on a late 1970s [[:wp:moped|moped]] or [[:wp:underbone|underbone]] (a vehicle class nestled between those of conventional motorbikes and the scooters), the Ventoso is evidently distinguishable by its compact framing and comes with a back-mounted, hard cover [[wp:pannier|pannier]], similar to the [[Pizza Boy]].

In the [[PlayStation 2]] version of the game, a bulletproof Ventoso can be purchased by picking up a icon next to [[King Knuts]] in Downtown for [[Money|$]]2,500.

== Locations ==
*During the mission [[Conduct Unbecoming]], after [[Victor Vance]] comes out of [[Fort Baxter Air Base]], it is parked next to the gates.
*During the mission [[The Bum Deal]], [[Bryan Forbes]] escapes [[Victor Vance]] on this vehicle.
*Occasionally seen driving around [[Vice Point]].

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