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''"Cultural center of the world, commercial center of the world, financial center of the world. If Algonquin residents could have it their way, the region would also be considered the epicenter of everything in the known universe. A word of warning to the inquisitive traveler: questioning the integrity of Algonquin's self-righteous and artificially-sweetened natives will likely get you shot."''
'''Algonquin''' is the largest borough in [[Liberty City in GTA IV|Liberty City]] possessing 29 of the metropolitan area's 65 neighborhoods, with an estimated population of 3,331,205 (may lower by hundreds every day). It serves as the core of the Liberty metropolitan area, and contains the two central business districts of the city. Downtown Algonquin and Midtown Algonquin hold the city's skyscrapers, some world famous. Algonquin is the most densely populated area in Liberty City, and is known to be the center of finance and economy. Recently, it is suggested that Algonquin has surpassed London as the "Financial Capital of the World".
*[[Midtown Algonquin]] is well known with [[Star Junction]] (Time Square), [[Middle Park]] (Central Park), and The [[Rotterdam Tower]] (Empire State Building).<br />
Algonquin is divided into 7 Avenues, which extend from north - south across Algonquin. Almost all of them carry north/south bound traffic.
Every avenue on Algonquin is named for US state capitals, with the exception of Burlesque, Exeter and Galveston. Albany is the capital of New York, Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota, Columbus is the capital of Ohio, Denver is the capital of Colorado and Frankfort is the state capital of Kentucky. Galveston and Exter are both names for towns and cities in multiple states. Galveston is the name of a city in Texas, and Exeter is the name of towns in California, Maine, Illinois, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.
The borough is known for its extensive street grid. There are 24 streets going east-west and they are named alphabetically for various minerals and elements, from Amethyst Street in the south to Xenotime Street in the north. The 6 North-South avenues are also named alphabetically for various US state capitals, from Albany Avenue, Bismarck Avenue, Columbus Avenue, Denver-Exeter Avenue, Frankfort Avenue and Galveston Avenue. Minor streets that are not part of the Algonquin grid system are named differently, for example: Grummer Road. The city is surrounded by Union Drive ([[Union Drive West|West]] and [[Union Drive East|East]]) traveling along the Algonquin waterfront.
When taking [[Algonquin]]'s 25 streets and 6 avenues into account, it can be calculated that there are 144 blocks in Algonquin's grid system; this does not include the minor roads that are located in and around the grid.
All of the [[Subway in GTA IV|subways]] in Liberty City converge on two lines looping through Algonquin: The A/J Outer Algonquin Line connects over the [[Algonquin Bridge]] to Broker, where it becomes the 3/8 Broker Line. The K/C Inner Algonquin Line connects to the B/E Bohan Line north of the Frankfort High/Low Stations. The two lines connect to one another at Easton Station.
In addition, there is also a Skycar over the western portion of the [[Humboldt River]] south of the [[Algonquin Bridge]], connecting Algonquin with Colony Island. This is based on the [[Wikipedia:Roosevelt Island Tramway|Roosevelt Island Tramway]].
==Places of Interest in Algonquin==
[[File:RotterdamTower-GTAIV-nightlights.jpg|250px|thumb|right|The [[Rotterdam Tower]], the tallest building in Liberty City.]]
*[[Civic Citadel]] (''[[The Exchange]]'')
*[[GetaLife Building]] (''[[Easton]]'')
==Notable Residents==
*[[Marnie Allen]] (formerly)
*[[Yusuf Amir]]
==Businesses in Algonquin==
*[[Grotti]] ([[Middle Park East]])
*[[Bahama Mamas]] (BOGT only, Purgatory)
*[[Castle Garden City]] (''[[wikipedia:Battery Park City|Battery Park City]]'')
*[[Castle Gardens]] (''[[wikipedia:Battery Park|Battery Park]]'')
*[[Westminster]] (''[[wikipedia:Greenwich Village|Greenwich Village]]'')
==Possible Ownership==
The [[Von Crastenburg Family]] is said to have previously owned half of the island of Algonquin (as stated in a segment of [[I'm Rich]]). [[Jill Von Crastenburg]] is an Algonquin party girl and an heiress to the dynasty's vast fortune.
[[File:Algonquin-GTAIV-StuntJumps-map.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Unique Stunt Jumps in Algonquin, GTA IV.]]
*In the game's [[Television]] show [[History of Liberty City]] it is said that the Native American name 'Algonquin' meant 'Place to build many skyscrapers'.
File:Algonquin-GTAIV-panorama-night.png|thumb|right|343px|A southern panoramic view of Algonquin and Happiness Island at night.]]
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