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United Liberty Paper Contact

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{{Template:Infobox character
|name = Edward T. Fortune <small>(Possible)</small>
|image = UnitedLibertyPaper-GTAIV.jpg
|games game_1 = [[Grand Theft Auto GTA IV]]|aka = United Liberty Paper Contact<br/>Mr Paper
|gender = M
|status = Alive|nationality = AmericanUnited States|affiliations = [[Karen]]<br/>[[Niko Bellic]]
The '''United Liberty Paper Contact''' (possible name '''Edward T. Fortune''') is a major character in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. He appears in game as [[Niko Bellic|Niko Bellic's]]'s contact in [[United Liberty Paper]].
==Role in GTA IV==
The United Liberty Paper Contact is first formally introduced in the mission [[Wrong is Right]] by [[Michelle]] (Real Name [[Karen]]) shortly after the mission [[The Snow Storm]]. He then starts assigning Niko missions. The firstmission he assigns to Niko is [[Wrong is Right|to find out as much information on a man calledOleg Minkov and deal with him]]. He then orders Niko to [[Portrait of a Killer|deal with a Russian terrorist organisation leader]]. He then sends Niko to [[Dust Off|fetch a helicopter and deliver it to Francis International Airport]]. Niko is then tasked with [[Paper Trail|using the same helicopter he obtained to finish off a Russian Businessman]]. His last assignment to Niko is [[Liquidise the Assets|to destroy Russian cocaine vans]]. AFter completing all of these missions, the ULP contact will phone Niko and tell him that he has arranged to have [[Darko Brevic]] brought into [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]] at Francis International Airport as a favor by U.L. Paper in repayment for Niko's services to the organisation and to [[Jon Gravelli]].
==Mission appearances==
*[[Wrong is Right]] <small>(Boss) </small>*[[Portrait of a Killer]] <small>(Boss) </small>*[[Dust Off]] <small>(Boss) </small>*[[Paper Trail]] <small>(Boss/On the phone onlyVoice) </small>
*[[Liquidize the Assets]]
*[[That Special Someone]] <small>(Boss/On the phone onlyVoice) </small>
*The United Liberty Paper contact is a smoker.
*All of the United Liberty Paper contact's missions involve Russians (except for [[That Special Someone]]).
* While the mission string for U. L. Paper is still available, and having managed to attain a [[Wanted Level in GTA IVEra|wanted level]] of three or more stars, Niko will, after evasion or [[Wasted|death]], receive a phone call from the U. L. Paper contact expressing his displeasure at Niko's recklessness in that he can now get away with things. In some instances, high&nbsp;wanted levels will cause him&nbsp;to call you and&nbsp;comment about Niko's "johnson" being too big to keep in his pants. &nbsp;* A diploma hanging on his office wall has the name "Edward T. Fortune". The same diploma can be seen hanging on the wall of [[Vic Manzano|Vic Manzano's]]'s office. Therefore, it&nbsp;can be assumed that it is just a generic model.
* In the second trailer for GTA IV, The U.L. Paper contact has a different voice, having him sound younger.
* It is possible that U.L. Paper contact's appearance was based on Bosnian Serb writer [[:wp:Ivo Andrić|Ivo Andrić]], referring to his possible Serbian heritage.
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