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High Wire

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|caption=[[Armando Mendez]] telling [[Victor Vance]] about 'his' drug shipment being seized by the [[Vice City Police DepartmentVCPD in GTA III Era|VCPD]].
|for=[[Armando Mendez]] and [[Diego Mendez]]
|unlocks=[[Burning Bridges]]
'''High Wire''' is a mission in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]] given to [[protagonist]] [[Victor Vance]] by [[Diego and Armando Mendez]] from their [[Mendez Mansion|home]] on [[Prawn Island]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]].
Victor Vance drops-by the Mendez mansion looking for more work. Armando Mendez is there and he's worrying about Victor. Armando explains that the [[Vice City Police DepartmentVCPD in GTA III Era|cops]] have taken their coke and Diego tried suggesting to the police that the cocaine belonged to the [[Vance Crime Family]] and says he's got a paper showing Victor's involvement in it. Victor drives to the Junkyard in [[Little Haiti]] and takes a [[Maverick]] with a magnet. The first container of the cargo is around [[Viceport]] at the police impound, and after Victor lifts it up with the magnet, he drops it at the [[Escobar International Airport]]. The second and last container is being moved out to the police station in [[Little Havana]] by a big truck, Victor lifts it before it reaches the police station and drops it at the same place as the previous container. Suddenly when he drops the second container, Diego is in trouble and is being chased by [[Vice City Bikers|the Bikers]] who are damaging his car and Victor has to save him before his car catches fire. Victor flies to [[Ocean Beach]] and picks up the car and as instructed, he drops it at the multi-storey car-park there.
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