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Beagle 3

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[[Image:{{Infobox vehicle| name = Beagle 3| front_image = Beagle3-GTAL.png|thumb|right|A Beagle 3 in [[Grand Theft Auto: London 1969image_size = 140|GTA London 1969]] caption = (<small>[[:Media:Beagle3-GTAL-withroofrack.png|With roof rack]]</small>).<br>A Beagle 3 in [[Grand Theft Auto: London 1969|GTA London 1969]]| vehicle_type = Civilian/commercial van| body_style = 2-door van| game_1 = L69| game_2 = L61}}
The '''Beagle 3''' is a three-wheeled car/van in [[Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961]].

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