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Bradley Snider

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{{infobox character
|name = BradBradley Snider
|image =
|game_1 = GTA V
|aka = Brad
|gender = M
|pob =
|nationality = United States
|family =
|affiliations = [[Trevor Philips]]<br />[[Michael De Santa|Michael Townley]]
|vehicles =
|businesses = Robbery
|voice =
'''Bradley "Brad" Snider''' is a character in [[Grand Theft Auto V]].
He is a close friend of [[Trevor]], one of Prior to the three protagonists events of GTA V. In events prior to the start of the story proper, he Brad was accomplice with of [[Trevor Philips]] and [[Michael De Santa|Michael Townley]]; however, [[Prologue (GTA V)|during a heist gone wrong]], he was wounded by a sniper and subsequently arrested, while Trevor escaped. In attempt to free him from prison, Trevor agrees to help the [[FIB in GTA V|FIB]].
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