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United Liberty Paper Contact

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{{Infobox character
|name = Edward T. Fortune <small>(Possiblepossible)</small>
|image = UnitedLibertyPaper-GTAIV.jpg
|game_1 = GTA IV
|aka = United Liberty Paper Contact<br />Mr Paper
|gender = M
|status = Deceased|dod = 2013
|nationality = United States
|affiliations = [[Karen]]<br />[[Niko Bellic]]
The '''United Liberty Paper Contact''' (possible name '''Edward T. Fortune''') is a character in the [[HD Universe]] appearing as a major character in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] and a very minor character in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. He appears in game as [[Niko Bellic|Niko Bellic's]] contact in [[United Liberty Paper]]in GTA IV and an [[Federal Bureau of Investigation#HD Universe|FIB]] agent in GTA V.
* It is possible that U.L. Paper contact's appearance was based on Bosnian Serb writer [[:wp:Ivo Andrić|Ivo Andrić]], referring to his possible Serbian heritage.
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