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Bradley Snider

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|name = Bradley Snider
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|game_1 = GTA V
|aka = Brad
==Character history==
In [[2004]], Brad was an accomplice of [[Trevor Philips]] and [[Michael De Santa|Michael Townley]]; however, [[Prologue (GTA V)|during a heist gone wrong]] in [[Ludendorff]], [[North Yankton]], he and Michael were shot by a sniper and subsequently arrested, while Trevor escaped. Shortly thereafter, Brad died from his gunshot wound, while Michael survived. In an off the books plea deal with the [[FIB]], Michael would fake his death, assume a new surname and relocate to [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]], while Brad was buried in Michael's place. Trevor believes that Brad is still alive, agreeing to help corrupt FIB agents [[Dave Norton]] and [[Steve Haines]] in their covert operations in exchange for freeing Brad and clearing his record.
In the mission [[By the Book]], Agent Norton reveals to Michael that he posed as Brad in letters written to Trevor to maintain the illusion that Brad was still alive.
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File:BradleySnider-GTAV-injured.jpg|An injured Bradley during [[Prologue (GTA V)|Prologue]]
File:BradleySnider-GTAV-deceased.jpg|Bradley's corpse in [[2013]].
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