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Michelle Cannes

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[[File::MichelleCannes-GTASA.jpg|right|140px|thumb|Michelle Cannes]][[ImageFile:Michelle'sAutoRepair-GTASA-exterior.jpg|thumb|200px|[[Michelle's Auto Repair|Michelle's Home]]]]
'''Michelle Cannes''' is one of six girls in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] that can become Carl's [[Girlfriends_in_GTA_San_Andreas|girlfriend]].
Michelle prefers overweight men([[Statistics#Muscle|Muscle|low muscle]], [[Statistics#Fat|high fat]].)
Usually at her garage from 00:00 to 12:00.
*Sometimes, she appears in the street races.
* She tells [[Carl Johnson|Carl]] that her first car was a [[Perennial]].*Michelle's Monster has a [[Custom_Vehicle_License_PlatesCustom Vehicle License Plates|unique license plate]] reading "NOS".
==See also==
*[[Michelle’s Auto Repair]]
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