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Wade Johnson

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{{also|''For other characters in the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series called "Wade", see [[Wade]].''}}
'''Wade Johnson''', known as '''The Fixer''', is between being a hitman and their clients operating in [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. He is also believed to be working as a fence for stolen property. [[Niko Bellic]] is referred to Johnson by [[Pegorino Family|Pegorino]] associate, [[Phil Bell]]. Through Johnson, Bellic carried out nine murders, dealing only through a payphone in [[Port Tudor]], [[Alderney]]. He broke his ties with Bellic due to the police being able to track them if they do business for too long. If you try to call him through his number on the cell phone it will say that there is no such number. Completing [[The Fixer's Assassinations|The Fixer's missions]] are not required to continue the [[Grand Theft Auto IV|game's]] storyline, but they are required for [[Completion in GTA IV|100% completion]]. When the player completes the final assassination mission for 'The Fixer', he says to Niko that he no longer wants to be involved in any more of them, as the police might possibly be onto them. He says goodbye to Niko over the phone, wishing him all the best, and tells him "he might just make retirement, and that not many people in this game reach that stage". By Grand Theft Auto V, it appears Niko has taken his advice, cut all his previous criminal ties and associations and retired to his apartment in [[Middle Park East]], living a normal life with Roman, which is what he wanted to do when he first arrived in Liberty City.
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