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Grand Theft Auto 1

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*'''Gangsta Bang'''
The player works for [[Bubby]], and also for [[Don Sonetti|Don "Bald Man" Sonetti]]. They have the player do several jobs, ranging from stealing two taxis to killing the police chief. One mission also involves a trap in the form of a bomb on a bus that will blow up if it gets below 50 mph (this was inspired by the movie [[wp:Speed (film)|Speed]]). Once the player has enough points, A mafioso will want to speak to them. Apparently the player double-crossed Bald Man Sonetti, and is a dead man if it happens again.
*'''Heist Almighty'''
*'''Tequila Slammer'''
Now, the player works for [[El Burro (GTA 1)|El Burro]]. Once the player does enough jobs, pleases him, and gets enough points, he'll ask them to come over to his place. The player did good work for him, and he is grateful. Now he's going to return the favor. He's going to reward the player "personally" this time.
===Vice City===
* One of the hidden [[Easter Egg]]s in the game is the now famous "Gouranga" bonus, given for swiftly killing an entire group of [[Hare Krishna]] monks.
* The parts of the cities are based on their real-life counterparts, such as Liberty City's neighborhoods. There are neighborhoods like the Brix, which is based on The Bronx, Brocklyn (obviously based on Brooklyn). Vice City has the same thing, featuring districts such as Vice Beach and Banana Grove, which are based on Miami Beach and Coconut Grove.
* A character called [[El Burro]], the man players would take missions from in the second part of the San Andreas missions, also appears in ''[[Grand Theft Auto III]]'', he is the man that provide jobs in and a character called [[PortlandEl Burro (GTA CW)|El Burro]], Liberty City, and is the leader of the Puerto Rican also appears in [[DiablosGrand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]] gang.* [[Head Radio]] is one (if not the only) original station left. It was in this game, and it was also a station in ''[[Grand Theft Auto 2]]'' as well as in ''[[Grand Theft Auto III]]'' and ''[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]]''.
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