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Endings in GTA V

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If Franklin chooses to defy both Haines and Weston, he contacts [[Lester Crest]] on how to handle the situation. Lester contacts Haines and Weston, telling them that the bullion from the Union Depository heist is being smelted at the [[Grand Banks Steel Inc.|foundry ]] in [[Murietta HeightsCypress Flats]]. Franklin has Michael and Trevor meet him and Lamar at the foundry to ambush the FIB and Merryweather mercenaries. After wiping out the FIB and Merryweather, Franklin has Lester track down the whereabouts of Haines, Weston, [[Wei Cheng]], and [[Harold Joseph|Harold "Stretch" Joseph]], finding all but Weston. Trevor takes Haines, who is at the [[Del Perro Pier]] filming his [[The Underbelly of Paradise|TV show]], Franklin takes Cheng, who is at a club in [[Pacific Bluffs]], and Michael takes Stretch, who is at the [[B.J. Smith Recreation Center and Park]]. After eliminating Haines, Cheng and Stretch, Lester finds Weston at his estate, guarded by Merryweather mercenaries. Trevor wipes out Weston's guards and kidnaps Weston, putting him in trunk of his car. Trevor drives to Paleto Bay to wait for Michael and Franklin. The three push Weston's car into the ocean and decide to all remain friends.
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