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Bulgarin Family

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|game = IV
|game_2 = TBOGT
|image = Bulgarin FamilyBulgarinFamily-GTAIV-members.jpg
|caption = members of Bulgarin Family
|locations = [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]
|leader = [[Ray Bulgarin]]
|type = Russian-American Mafia family
|enemies = [[Niko Bellic]], <br />[[Luis Fernando Lopez]], <br />[[Marki Ashvilli]], <br />[[NOOSE]]|affiliations = [[Luis Fernando Lopez]] (<small>formerly</small>) , <br />[[Ancelotti Family]], <br />[[Rascalov Family]]|cars = [[Ghawar]]<br/> [[Marbelle]]<br/> [[Landstalker]]<br/> [[Oracle]]<br/> [[Maverick]]<br/> [[Cavalcade FXT]]<br/> [[Esperanto]]<br/> [[PMP 600]]|weapons = [[Pistol .44]]<br/>[[Sub Machine Gun|SMG]]<br/> [[AK-47]]<br/> [[M249]]<br/> [[Assault SMG]]<br/> [[Carbine Rifle]]<br/> [[Grenade Launcher]]<br/> [[PSG-1]]<br/> [[Sticky Bombs]]|businesses = Drug Trafficking<br />, Human Trafficking.
|fronts= [[Funland]]
|members = [[Timur]]
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