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Big Paulie Budget Cars

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'''Big Paulie Budget Cars''' is a car dealership in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. It is located on Emery St. & [[Anvil Ave]] in [[Tudor]], [[Alderney]], opposite the [[Honkers]] strip club. Although the dealership looks disused, there are commercials for the business on the in-game television, showing that the dealership sells beat-up/wrecked vehicles for extremely high prices. However, only random cars spawn in the yard. Despite this being what appears to be a car dealership, the game does not consider it one, instead just as an ordinary car park. This is because every other established car dealer in the game has a feature where any car taken from the lot gains the player a one star [[Wanted Level in GTA IV Era|wanted level]], even if it is the players own car, or there are no [[LCPD in GTA IV Era|police]] around. This does not happen at Big Paulie Budget Cars.
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