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British Animation Leading the Way!
===British Animation Leading the Way!===
;By [[Anne Bimby]] after [[Crystal Maze]]
{{quote|We've long led the world in talent shows and boy bands. Now top [[United Kingdom|British]] talent is trying to take over the last bastion of American entertainment hegemony – animation. "[[The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain|The Loneliest Robot]]" has been a surprise hit in America, with moviegoers loving its whimsical charm and home spun tale of good overcoming adversity via ultra violence, despite some parents voicing concern that some of the material was too extreme for children. The film, which was banned as pornographic here in the UK, has been a huge hit in America with audiences of all ages. We spoke to one mother outside a theatre in [[Vice City in GTA IV Era|Vice Beach]]. "My kids loved it because of the extreme violence and group sex, my husband liked it because the robot controlled his wife, I just loved the melancholy mood that made me feel intellectual." American animation bohemoth [[Fred's Pictures|Fred's]] are now expanding production in their UK facility and are promising several more Loneliest Robot films, video games, fast food meals, and other tie-ins. Director [[S. Louis Crawford]] told us "the British are coming – this time it's true. We're going to take over and I’m getting that statue even if I have to blow someone."}}
===Automaker goes to Penny.===
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