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The '''Hydra''' is a [[wp:VTOL|vertical take-off and landing]] jet fighter [[Fixed-Wing Aircraft|airplane]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]].
The Hydra is evidently a jet-powered military aircraft, bearing (slightly modified) [[wp:roundel|roundels]] of the [[wp:United States Air Force|United States Air Force]] on its wings. The Hydra is suggestively based on the [[wp:AV-8B Harrier II|McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing/BAe) AV-8B Harrier II]], although the air intake is on the underside of the aircraft and resembles that of a [[wp:F-16 Fighting Falcon|Lockheed F-16]]. This is further proven by the code that is used to spawn it in the PC version, "Jumpjet", which is a nickname for the [[wp:Harrier Jump Jet|Harrier Jets]].
=== Features and performance ===
The Hydra is the most sophisticated aircraft in the GTA series, boasting a variety of equipment. One of its more prominent abilities is its VTOL ('''''V'''''ertical '''''T'''''ake '''''O'''''ff and '''''L'''''anding) capabilities, which allows it to hover or descend or ascend vertically like a [[helicopter]], and travel horizontally like an airplane; these abilities are achieved by directing thrust from four jet outtakes downwards or backward using specific directional controls (by pushing the right analog stick forward/back, or, on a PC, by holding down 8 on the number pad, or Del). Due to its excellent engine and maneuverability, the Hydra is the fastest aircraft (and one of the fastest vehicles) in GTA San Andreas, with a fixed top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h ) and one of the easiest to fly when the player learns the basics of fixed-wing flight.
The Hydra comes with various armaments, including lock-on or manual-aimed missiles, and flares as countermeasures for oncoming missiles fired by enemies, which redirects lock-on missiles shot from enemy Hydras or SAM sites (like those guarding [[Area 69]]) away from the player.
The Hydra is rated by many players as their favorite aircraft, for its speed, agility, and weapons which make it an excellent choice for any purpose requiring an airplane. Its chief disadvantage comes not from the vehicle itself, but the game engine - high-speed flight can allow the plane to hit objects, such as trees, well before they've become visible due to model/texture loading being slower than the plane itself.
Unlike the [[Hunter]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City|GTA Vice City]] and GTA San Andreas, [[Vigilante]] side-missions cannot be started or performed using the Hydra. This may be due to the danger of crashing into a building and exploding, especially if the player attempts it in the city where there are lots of tall buildings.
==Trivia==* Once the player attains a 4 star [[Wanted Level in GTA III Era|wanted level]] or higher and is in the air, two Hydras will pursue the player and try to shoot down the player. The enemy Hydras should be no match, as they have a penchant for flying in lazy circles and not deploying flares.
[[File:Hydra-GTASA-rearfuselage.jpg|thumb|190px|The lettering on the rear fuselage.]]
* Once the player attains a [[Wanted Level in GTA III Era#Four stars|4-star wanted level]] or higher and is in the air, two enemy Hydras will pursue the player and try to shoot him down. The enemy Hydras should be no match, as they have a penchant for flying in lazy circles and not deploying flares.
* Part of the text on the side of the aircraft features the letters "DMA", this is likely a reference to the fact that [[Rockstar North]] was formerly known as '''DMA Design'''. DMA is also a play on United States Marine Corps squadrons that use the AV-8B Harrier II ([[wp:List of active United States Marine Corps aircraft squadrons#Fixed-Wing Aircraft|VMA]]).
* Like the [[Leviathan]], the Hydra is named after [[wp:Lernaean Hydra|a mythological beast]]in Greek mythology, a 7 headed serpent-like monster that lived in Lake Lerna on the Pelopennese Island in Greece.
* Like most other aircraft in GTA San Andreas, the Hydra plays [[K-DST]] by default.
==Locations==* [[Easter Basin Naval Station]]: Available on the aircraft carrier after completing [[Vertical Bird]], the . The player instantly gains a [[Wanted Level in GTA III Era#Five stars|5-star wanted level ]] upon entry of the base,.* [[Verdant Meadows]]: In the hangar furthest away from the Abandoned AC Tower after the mission [[Vertical Bird]].* [[Ganton]]: At [[Sweet|Sweet's]] house after attaining [[Completion in GTA San Andreas|100% completion]].* [[Area 69]]: Two spawn by a tank garage after [[Black Project]]. The player instantly gains a 5-star wanted level upon entry of the base.
* The Hydra can be attained with the [[Cheats in GTA San Andreas|cheat]] code "jumpjet".
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